Welcome Fall of Empyrean fans!

Oak Knoll said:
I just saw a Vehemence video on Uranium.. wish there was a FOE video out :)
Yeah, we finally fooled them into playing a real underground band on the old Ball.
Don't forget that videos cost quite a bit of money to be broadcast worthy...so once you give FOE the $5000 video advance it should be ready in no time :Smug:
Yes, I totally agree. I need to put money aside just to keep my releases coming out. Video - well I meant it from the view that I could take some live video, other video shots and mix it on my pc with a song over it. It's almost like the big boys do it but without the fancy high cost directors, pyrotechnics, etc. Ever heard of a indie metal video.. I know like some bands put out real crappy ones - look at that crowbar video.. they spent alot on that :)