well, tomorrow i could be very happy....

Slash Freeman

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or very very sad. i won't say anything more, just ask you to wish me luck and pray the infinity (the goddess of luck) decideds i deserve a bit of a break.

thank you all, and i hope i'll have some good news by tomorrow.....................

nb, for those who might be thinking so, no i'm not gonna ask someone out, but it could be a very important stage in our relationship..........
Dammit all to hell! as you've probably guessed i didn't do the hting i wanted to because i didn't get a chance to speak to the person in questiong alone. :( it's gonna be hard enough with just this one person, not 3 others!!!!!

still, i said i'd give you a bit more detail, so i will. basically, the bottom line is theres this girl. she nice. very nice. not only nice looking but nice personality too. she and i were getting really close 8 weeks ago. then came this holiday. 7 weeks of it. 7 weeks without her. i come back, and it's lost something. theres something thats missing now everytime i talk to her, but i don't know if shes noticed. i wanna talk to her about it, but i'm kinda terrified 'cos i could be completely wrong. i don't mind being wrong, but what if i scare her away somehow? well, anyway. maybe i'll get another chance on tuesday. i sure as hell hope so! :cry: :cry:
I'm no expert on these matters, but what I would do is this: get seriously pissed, and then talk to her. Well, that would only lead to my embarrasment and that she would smile everytime she sees me. That has happened. Unfortunately. And I will probably regret it for the rest of my life.

So, just overcome your fears and go talk to her! Sober, never do it drunk, believe me.

If you don't do anything for it you'll just live in uncertainty (sp?) for the rest of your life.

That's my two cents. I believe the others have better view on things than me.

May the force be with you, junior. :)
eddy: don't worry, i'd never do it drunk. although i find after a pint or two i start to relax but not in a seriously pissed kind of way.

anyway, i shouldn't be here right now, and i only thought it high time i gave you guys a picture of me. unfortunately, it's too big to attach so e-mail me if you want it.


some of you will have recieved it via e-mail anyway, but i don't know everyones e-mail address. :eek:
moonchild: yeah, i got it bad for this girl. in total honesty i love her. we've never been together, shes only wanted to be friends (just like every other girl i've had feelings for, which is one of the reasons why this sucks so much. the other is that i just really really love her. *sigh*). but then......well, i'll just say things were looking like they go different but they've changed back to what they were after we didn't see each other for nearly 2 months. :cry: :cry:
imo, you could scare her away if you go 'talking' to her.

I mean, don't give her the impression you want something from her unless you're sure she likes enough as well to do 'more than friendship' things.

The advice of the master is that you just take up the new schoolyear to regain the friendship you had, by casual talks, a once and a while smile, and other sweet things without looking like a gay. Just don't force somebody's feelings, but then again don't stay in your shell too long either. Nobody ever claimed this was easy.
Not that it's my place to give advice since I really don't know you guys. But I agree w/Eclipse. While you may want to know all the answers right now matters of the heart cannot be forced and need to progress in their own time. If you question this girl you very well may scare her away and you obviously don't want to do that. Just work on your friendship and see how things go from there.
Tho if it was me I'm more likely to do something along what Eddy said ~L~