what are ya listenin at?

Fuck it, The Black Dahlia Murder OWNS, their new song :

I always loved them, fuck everyone who thinks they are your average newdeath/deathcore band.

They are not
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Johann Sebastian Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No.5
After that new Hypocrisy album perhaps. Talk about change in music.
Some of you are probably shocked but I do occasionally listen to classical music as well. Much better than rap/hip-hop or bland pop.
holy shit I just learned CARCASS were releasing a new album??? WOW!

awesome tracklisting! HYPE

-The Master Butcher's Apron
-The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
-A Congealed Clot Of Blood
-A Wraith In The Apparatus
-316l Grade Surgical Steel
-Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
-Captive Bolt Pistol
-Intensive Battery Brooding
-None Compliance To Astm F899-12 Standard
-Mount Of Execution
-1985/Thrasher's Abattoir
-Unfit For Human Consumption
-Livestock Marketplace
I saw Carcass two months ago. Jeff Walker said that they don't want to play new songs before the release of the new album because that may kill the expectations. They don't want their new stuff on shitty live quality recorded with celphones on youtube. By the way the introduction of their shows is a part of the track "1985"

It's just a little piece, but man, I can't wait for the new album!!
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Link for new Carcass' song isn't working. Personally think, it'll be average album (new Carcass). Hard to devise something new in this genre. Morr or less, the process will repeat over and over again. But I'm curious for thias album, certainly.

Sorry, I'm listening Godflersh - Selfless album, now.
You're right. It's almost impossible to make something new at this point. And there is no way that the new Carcass album could be better than the others. The new song is very Heartwork, and it works. It isn't the best song in the world, but my expectations were lower, so... The only thing I miss is the Ken Owen drumming. He was never a great drummer but very original imo.

Sorry, It´s been my mistake.
Godflesh - Selfless I mean (still listening...)
Yes, you´re right. Ken Owen was great drummer. Listened that new song and personally think it´s got very good sound, really. That new album will be in "Heartwork" veins and it´s nice. But I think Carcass the same fate as Gorefest band. After re-union recorded a great album and broke up. Sadly, but truth.
Bloodbath - Year Of The Cadaver Race
Broken Hope - Swamped In Gore
Nile - Annihilation Of The Wicked
Fleshed Consumed - Harvesting Humans
Watain - Darkness And Death
Grave - Burial Ground