Hello Everybody, What are YOU doing???


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Jul 12, 2001
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Hello Everyone, just a newbie coming thought that I would kind of formally introduce myself...
You can find a little bit of information in my profile, but why not share it here so you don't have to go through all of that TIME! hehe..
Well I am 15 years old which I would just guess proclaims me as the youngest (yay!) I just wish that there were more people my age that felt as strongly about music and OPETH as I do!! You guys are amazing I just wish I could meet up with everyone of you, though I doubt I would keep up a conversation with some of you... Now for a little bit more about myself (I wil also be answerin a few of the threads here all at once)
I first heard metal about 7 years ago so I was about 8 or so, my friends older brother was into metal and was always listening to Metallica, it was the first music that I as an individual became interested in. I continued to grow and like more things on my own, or find out from friends. My first Cd was a Smashing Pumpkins cd (uuuhhh can't remember the name) along with the Black album, and Nirvana's In Utero. I started listening to stuff like Korn and Coal Chamber, but was also interested in alternative music such as Bush. This all started to change a little bit once an older friend of mine told me to buy Blood Rooted by Sepultura. I slowly started becoming more interested in the more extreme side of metal, but it kind of went no where. Until two years ago when i was 13 and just out of the seventh grade a friend gave me an Earach compilation with Carcass' Keep on Rotting in the Free World, which boosted me into the more death/black (namely the vocals) side of things. I then bought the Blackend IV compilation, just because it was cheap and two discs, even though most of the stuff I had heard off of it i did not like. I took it home and listened till I reached a song called "The Amen Corner" and was stunned I then listened to "Demon of the Fall." I started listening to the compilation more and more and just got sucked into the Extreme metal scene. My favorite being of course Opeth!!! OK well I must now stop, jeeez that was long, hope ya'll actually read it, sorry heh. Ok well thanks and we will be "speaking" soon!


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Jun 12, 2001
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actually, it was blackened V that got me into opeth. i first heard them with "nectar", the only song that kept me from microwaving that disc. the other disc was quickly mcrowaved.