What are you into these days?


So why not moving?
Dec 20, 2003
Dublin, Ireland
Well, this is one of those threads that never ends (unless an admin closes it). It's meant to tell what you are into at some given time point in time. Let me start:

RareFolk - I was told by a friend to check them out, they play folklore/celtic/traditional/flamenco/fusion type of songs.

Chroma key (graveyard mountain home) - Electronic experimentalism similar to the newest releases from Ulver

Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies - Avantgarde metal
things i listen to these days:

mastodon - leviathan
empyrium - weiland
november's doom - the pale haunt departure

sorry, no new stuff :)
Throwdown - Vendetta
Destruction - Inventor Of Evil
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Criminal - Sicario
End Of Green - ?? new one ??

Movies: "Before Sunset", "Three Colors: Blue", "Three Colors: White".
Today is the day - Sadness will prevail;In the eyes of god
Aborym - Kali yuga bizarre
Dredg - El cielo
Spite extreme wing - Non ducor,duco
Nanowar - Other bands play,Nanowar gay :D :D :D
-Klimt 1918: Thanks to you who promoted them here, I've fallen in love with them!
-Swallow the Sun - Ghosts of loss: Well, I've heard couple of new songs and I can't wait the upcoming album:)
-All the Akira Kurosawa -movies: I love 'em, my life mission is to collect all of his movies! I have 4 now, and he made 63 movies :tickled: Going to take a while, I presume...
I've been really searching for good progressive metal and stuff like opeth and novembre. If anyone can recommend soime, that'd be cool
any comments on darkdose? have any of you checked us out yet?
it's a remarkable place to discovered shit you've never heard of...
and soon, some WELL KNOWN musicians will be added to the ranks.

don't say i didn't give you a heads up :)
Yeah I did tell you to check that site fella, its rather damn good I have to say.

So everyone go and check it out.

I have been listening to a lot of Novembre (surprise), Daylight Dies, Dark Suns, Martyr, Klimt 1918, Ephel Duath, Disillusion, Mars Volta, Faraquet, Edge of Sanity, Room with a view, Tenhi and maybe a little too much jazz.
Opposite Earth
Psychotic Waltz
Project : Failing Flesh

anyone interested in original prog metal, check out Opposite Earth! hard to describe, think of melodic prog metal, but without the gayness of Dream Theater ;) unique vocals and totally "wank-free". ;)