What if Nevermore toured with... (see inside to get answer)

As for that Angel Dust and Opeth thing, I don't know if you were joking or not. But Nevermore did play with Angeldust and Opeth, at least the show in Toronto I saw. They were also playing with God Forbid, Cryptopsy(fucking amazing but I didn't like them then and left and now i regret it like crazy), and Candiria(who fucking blow shit so hard it hurt to hear them). Well, maybe you are joking and I don't realize it. I am pretty tired and pissed off and in school right now. Damn school......

Well, I just saw Nevermore yesterday and I'll be posting some shit anout it today, so expect that about the Nevermore show with its 15 song play list. :)

I would like to see this tour: Nevermore, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Soilwork, and Amon Amarth. That would be Godly, but it wouldn't happen. Oh well, i'm going to see Amon Amarth in November so i'm happy.
Of course I was joking, those two concerts I witnessed on that tour are among the best I have ever seen, and definitely the best of this year, although the Symphony X show in Brooklyn earlier this month comes close. I worship Opeth, and Angel Dust's last three albums are awesome.
electrifying mood makers[entombed],I really dig the sound man from ENGLAND they brought out, great chap....no small talk, and those men are real heavy metal rockers, and naughty like me.
Cheers to you great SIR.
Well what if Nevermore toured with NO-ONE AT ALL??This would get them more time,and I prefer 15 minutes of more nevermore songs than any other band.
And what do you have to say on that : Nevermore have toured with Susperia, Lacuna Coil, In Flames and Dimmu Borgir on the Metal Odyssey Tour this year. I saw them live in Cologne (one of the three times this year). Well, that's a compination, don't you think? And having seen them as headliners on '99 and this year, once with the above bands and twice with Annihilator, I can only agree with Dragonlord.
Nevermore should tour with N'Sync.

When N'Sync does their curtain call, Nevermore can come out and kick their collective asses - then blow the ears off of the N'Sync fans, and begin to convert all to the real side of music.

An -australian- tour with:

Nevermore, Opeth, Lefay, Iced Earth, Cradle of Filth.

That would make me happy. very happy indeed.

(note: Iced earth wouldn't be allowed to play anything from HS)
Interesting! And in what order? Who would be headliner? Iced Earth or Nevermore? Or do you prefer down there Cradle of Filth? Think of your answer, because it made me not happy at all watching Dimmu Borgir (POSERS!!!) as headliners! Nevermore played even before In Flames! And the german blackmetal fans look like gothik queens! :bah:
Nothing against Cradle of Filth, they have an attitute, whereas Sagrath is a real poser!
Just to shoot you down, i would have Opeth headline.

Actually, an all day and night festival would be a better idea. timetable:

10:00 - Martyr
10:45 - Lefay
11:30 - Quo Vadis
12:00 - Opeth (set 1)
12:45 - Death (set 1)
1:30 - Testament
2:15 - Echosilence
2:30 - Dreadnaught
3:00 - Nile
3:30 - Iced Earth
4:15 - Morbid angel
4:45 - Nevermore (set 1)
5.45 - Opeth (set 2)
6.45 - Death (set 2)
7.30 - Meshuggah
8:15 - In flames
9:00 - Nevermore (set 2)
10:00 - Cradle of Filth
11:00 - Suffocation
11:45 - Cynic (...we would revive them!)
12:30 - Soilwork
1:15 - Watchtower
2:00 - Gorefest (same deal as cynic)
2:30 - Pantera
3:15 - Megadeth
3:45 - Gordian Knot
4:30 - Dark Tranquility
5:00 - Control Denied
5:30 - Sepultura (rehire max, and only play arise and beneath...)
6:00 - Pissing Razors
6:30 - Alchemist
7:00 - Bruce Springst.... uh... Actually, i wouldn't mind seeing him too... but not at this festival. :lol:
7:00 - Dream Theatre
7:45 - Dimmu Borgir
7:48 (ha ha ha... poor Dimmu!) - Danzig
8:30 - Joe Satriani (it's okay joe, there will be bodygaurds... you'll be safe)
9:00 - Fuck... that's it.