What the hell is this?! (DC++)


Feb 6, 2004
Northern VA
On paladin.sublevels.net
<[OP]Rusty> You are being kicked because: §4. 1 Slot Per Hub For Dial-Up Or ISDN. 2 Slots Per Hub For Cable, DSL Or Better. - Temporary ban.

What the hell does this mean? I can only have 2 slots open if I have DSL?

Well, I have DSL, and I only have 2 slots open. :yell:

I think i just found otu that means I have to have 2 slots for each hub that im in. so i hwas in 3 hubs so i need 6 slots open. Do you think 2 slots per hub is a max or a min? or both?
You have to have two slots open for every hub you're in. If you're in two hubs, you need four slots open, etc.
It really should be 1 slot per hub and maybe 2 for the main hub (which would be Sublevels, in this case.) I find that policy to be less harsh and much more allowing of system requirements (even people with DSL getting raped by 2+ people can slow down a computer a ton).