What's the best Delain album to start with?


Jul 9, 2004
I have nothing of theirs, but I see they're opening for Kamelot this year, who I'd love to see again. Curious to finally check out Delain's handful of albums- any suggestions which one to start with?
for me, I think the first one is the best.
I wasn't ready for such in-your-face music
that was a good three or four first time play.
quite a surprise to me.....

All three are great - each one a bit different.

1. Lucidity. Fits squarely in the Within Temptation mold. At this point Lucidity was a studio project. Charlotte handled most of the vocals but there were a number of guests on the album. If you like the symphonic/gothic larger-than-life metal genre its a great album.

2. April Rain. Delain is a full on band. Charlotte is clearly the frontwoman of the band. Tunes are a bit catchier, production is better. From beginning to end a masterpiece.

3. We Are The Others. A further extension of April Rain. Its even more polished, meaning a bit more commercial. Its also their heaviest album.

For my personal taste I think each album is essential. If I was going to start with one I would probably go with April Rain.