Who's going to see Planet X?

I've heard none of their stuff but I guess I'll probably go anyway. Who's in the band again?
I'm going to the Sydney and Newcastle shows. Can't wait!
If you haven't read the tracklist for the concerts here it is:

Inside Black
Apocalypse 1470 BC
Sea of Antiquity
Lost Island
New MacAlpine Song
Her Animal
New Virgil Song
Dog boots
Pods Of Trance

I think its gonna kick arse. Its just a pitty that Sherinian is in the band, apart from him the line up is awesome.
Which SM vid did ya buy? One of his instructional ones?
How fuckin brilliant is Steve Morse. He should be more well known. Kicks ass over Satch and Vai...... He is in a league of his own I reckon, with only Petrucci rivaling him, but he is still a bit below at this stage!
I bought the essential steve morse.
But I have to disagree with you about morse. He is extremely exceptional but I think that Vai and Satch just have something else. However, you are right about Petrucci being close but no cigar to morse. I think that Petrucci will jumo in leaps and bounds due to the new G3 tour with Stach and Vai.

I love to see G3, more than Iced Earth, or DT, or Planet X.
With the following line up, I think that you would agree:
Steve Vai:
Billy Sheehan
Virgil Donati

Joe Satriani:
Jeff Campetelli
Stu Hamm

John Petrucci:
Mike Portnoy
Dave LaRue.
I hate to argue but Sherinian is crap! When he was in DT, everything was played slow and wrecked. He just doesn't have enough raw talent. Jordan Rudess kicks his arse anyday, for that fact so does Kevin Moore, and Ice Age's Josh Pincus.

Also most of sherinian's solos are identical. Rather boring after awhile. I'm just glad you can't hear him to much on Universe. The guitars smother him most of the time.