WINTERSUN: A Celebration of Music

Maiden Australia

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Apr 13, 2001
Just a quick message to let you know that I am putting on a show in Canberra in August under the banner "WINTERSUN".

Please read the following for more details.


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4pm 'til late!!!
Entry $12

Wintersun is a celebration of music. The heavy genre in Australia is always overlooked by media and the masses and this is small but significant way of changing the perception of heavy music.

Wintersun features some of Australia's most established bands and some of the country's newest talent.

The show will begin at 4pm with the No Life 'Til Leather crew playing all the current and classic metal songs, and this will continue throughout the night. They will also be giving away cd's t-shirts etc (from Roadrunner, Shock & Stomp) for the best death growl, best air guitar and so much more.

The bands that will be taking place on the night will be
Earth (Vic)
Dungeon (Syd)
Crimson Fire (Vic)
Lagosta (ACT)
Psychrist (ACT)
Bob Sledge (Syd)
Buff Tundrel (ACT)
Force of Habit (ACT)
Chi (Leeton)

The cost will be a measly $12 and the night will have 2 happy hours courtesy of Carlton United Brewery.

The bands will play on the hour, starting at 5pm, with each playing for 40 mins.

So come and "join us" (copyright SLAYER 1983) and celebrate the music that is WINTERSUN.
To bad Ralphe I will go and attempt to drink enough for both of us .why off the the land of long white clouds ?

See you other guys there as well I suspose, Great Idea Matt
G'day Bucko,
I'm going to Dunedin to watch the Wallabies play the All Blacks at the House of Pain.Hopefully i will make it out of there alive(might be a bit difficult while wearing my Wallabies jumper!!!!
You lucky prick. Gee the All Blacks on there own turf.

Hopefully I will be going the The Brumbies V Britsch Lions On a Cold Tuesday night in thr first week of July , but it just not the same as All Blacks In NZ - enjoy.