Wintersun (metal) Festival

Maiden Australia

The Ultimate TOOL!
Apr 13, 2001
Come one...come all

This Saturday 11th August a metal night of HUGE proportions will be taking place at the ANU Bar in Canberra.

The doors open at 4pm and the first 100 payer will recieve a free schooner of VB, courtesy of Carlton. Door charge is $12 and the bands appearing are Earth, Dungeon, Psychrist, Crimson Fire, Cuntie, Bob Sledge, Buff Tundrel, Force Of Habit & Chi.

We will be having the Horned Lords Sound System playing all the metal classics over the PA with giveaways from Roadrunner, Shock & Stomp on offer as well.

Hope to see you at the gig.

And totally cute! :)

Man, what a great night! If anyone can put on a monster event, it's the mighty Matt! :D

We got there pretty late in the scheme of things but we did catch up with Psychrist (scary!!), Cuntie (cute!! HAHA!), Earth (heavy!!) and Crimsonfire (ffffuuuuucccckkkkk!!! Again!!) and then proceeded to drink our extremely generous rider, throw up, fall down, jump off a fence (while looking for sleeping cows to push over - long story! HAHA!) and sprain my ankle! HAHAHAHAHA!

My neck is sooooo sore too! Earth and Crimsonfire are too good and should stop it. Immediately, please! HAHA!

Now I just gotta figure out how to play by this Saturday with all of my injuries or the Forest Inn show on the 18th with Fury, Dark Order and Torment is gonna suck all kinds of penis.... HAHA!

Matt - thank you for the show, man!!! You rule!!
Wow that sounds like a great gig! EARTH RULE! CRIMSON FIRE RULE! and who was that other band who is quite good?? Ah yes....


The pleasure was all mine Tim!!!

I had a blast organising and running the event, I still can't believe all the positive feedback from the gig.

Love the new Dungeon songs...can't wait for elusive 2nd album...hail/metal/hail!!

Thanks again to all of Dungeon and all the other bands for the total professionalism and totally amazing vibe of the day. To all those that could not make it because of distance, finance, just look forward to next years Wintersun!!