Wishful thinking...

At first, Metallica became less inspired metal, with the Black album. I still respected them there, but once the Load era began, I questioned what their intentions were, considering they were turning blues-rock... Reload caused me to shy away. Once we got to S&M, and the whole "Napster" incident, I comepletely gave up on them, considering they shunned what CREATED them, (Underground trading) and they have become what they originally hated.

Too bad, they could have been a great band had they stayed true to the game... Hammet should find work elsewhere. :bah:
NoLordy you actually said something NOT sarcastic!!!! LOL!!!

I am with ya on that statement, bud. Me, well, I thought the black album was OK, I actually liked it I guess. When Load (of shit) came out, I was like "what the crap is this?????" it sucked and I haven't bought any of their shit since.....oh yeah, except for ummm....S&M only cause it has Blitzkrieg and Am I Evil on it, which I couldn't find anywhere else.....but yeah, that whole topic depresses me....

Actually Jody is right about NoLordy. He posted something not sarcastic. Hey man are you feeling good?
Concerning shitallica I am with you except I don't think they got what they deserve. They should have died in the bus accident instead of Cliff who was the true metal-head of the band.

To NoLordy: I think this string pulling thing has really put you down. Chill out man.:cry:
To DragonLord: Look what you 've done pulling the NoString Capone.:(
did ya also hear that metallica has done a song with a shitty rapper called ja-rule--who did a song with jennifer lopez no less...........sad sad sad shit!!!!!!!!!!
You can love whatever you want. But they didn't have the right to release that album under the name "Metallica"!
Originally posted by metalized

Concerning shitallica I am with you except I don't think they got what they deserve. They should have died in the bus accident instead of Cliff who was the true metal-head of the band.

Well mate, I don’t know how Cliff would be right now if he lived. In the year of our Lord 1986 everyone looked like a real metalhead! (except from Maiden, they had started using synths!!! :lol: :tickled: :lol: )
If I am not wrong Burton liked jazz. Who knows, if he was still alive he may had convinced the others to play more jazzy and now we all would call him an asshole! :lol: :lol: :p
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Hey Enitharmon - you know? fine :)
Load is a very well done piece of bluesrockmetal ... i know no such thing exists but i just call it that way for i don´t know other :)
Hm ... my girlfriend´s big fan of metallica ... since they started .. even she loves LOAD!! - ok, she even likes what our band´s performing :D

metalized - for sure i like load most of all Metallica albums ... but in the deep shadows of my heart i´m ROCK ... embarced by metal
Hammet should find work elsewhere

No, no he shouldn't. Kirk hammett should fuck off and die. He can't play, and he ESPECIALLY can't write music. All he plays now is a pentatonic scale with a wah... and it is shit. In fact, that was all he did on kill 'em all as well.

The only good work kirk hammett ever did was off ...justice. And that was only one album. Before justice, he started and ended every single lead the same way, he ended with a run up to the 22nd fret in nearly every solo off BOTH puppets and lightning. :bah:

Hetfield and Mustaine should have stayed together, and kirk hammett should have stayed in exodus.

It's good to see that through my plugging of this other band by putting metallica DOWN, we have started a thread on why kirk hammett sucks so much. :lol:
"Hetfield and Mustaine should have stayed together, and kirk hammett should have stayed in exodus. "

that is one place where I would have to disagree with you. I think it worked out for the better. I don't think Hetfield would have ever been able to play as good as music as Rust In Peace. James can't hold his balls to Mustaine. I just think everything worked out for the better. Megadeth to me was always the better band.
I agree dude, megadeth is a better band. But just image what mustaine could have done with some of james' riffs!!!!

I just can't stand kirk hammett, and i think he should have stayed in obscurity for eternity.
Point1: I think METALLICA would have been better off with dave...

Point2: But megadeth would never have existed if dave hadn't left...

Point3: It would have been the most huge band, totally invincible with both james and dave...
All very good points... I definately agree with you, about what could have become of it, and it would have been great needless to say. The Metallica boys wouldn't have been able to handle Dave's drugs hahahahaha. But like I said everything turned out for the better. I like Dave's voice better than James in my opinion, but both are not exceptional voices obviously. Basically would you rather have Rust in Peace with just Dave soloing if it were with James and Metallica, or Dave and Marty twin attack in Megadeth...
Ah, on the contrair LSDman, what would you prefer, Master of puppets with Kirk Hammett's bullshit leads that all end the same way... or would you prefer master of puppets with a james hetfield and dave mustaine double guitar attack?? :eek:

Also, nick menza shouldn't have left megadeth, he was awesome on RIP. totally crazy drummer.

ha ha ha, basically, Both metallica and Megadeth are releasing crap music, so things AREN't ultimately better. :lol:

But yeah, i agree, it would have sucked if megadeth hadn't come to life... but then... would we have known??
Check out the new stuff, he doesn't mumble..
Oh trap he reads this piece of shit too..its a small world. oh so does glen burton, heard of him.
oh no! i didn't mean to offend poor little, defenceless davey...! :cry:

Look, Dave, if you do read this, go get 'DEATH - THE SOUND OF PERSEVERANCE' and hear what metal has become while you have been jacking off to the mainstream... You're a cool guy, and you are an awesome guitarist, but what has been up with you since YOUTHANASIA??? Listen to all of your old records, up to countdown, in fact, no, RIP, and then CONTINUE YOUR METAL PROGRESSION FROM THERE. don't half heartedly release a cd with some distorted guitar (TWNAH) and say 'hey, i'm back in the metal world'. You have to put your balls into it, put your soul into it like you used to.

There true light... have i done good?