Wishful thinking...

All I can say is this:
:headbang:STAY METAL:headbang:
And Metallica didn't!
In the end there's been enough talk about this band.
It is a bit unfair for other great bands, who did :headbang:STAY METAL:headbang: and never got the chance they deserved, just because of the music industry shit.
Bands like METAL CHURCH, or HELSTAR, or CORONER, or ... (and the list goes on), who really contributed the maximum to the evolution of Metal, but only nowadays this is being recognized.

:headbang:STAY METAL:headbang:
Man, you are right, but if i was to mention every band, 100GB of server disk space would simply be unsufficient. Lets not give wendy a hard time. huh?

:headbang:STAY METAL:headbang:
ha ha ha... i know i know... but can't we at least give some NU-METAL a mention, i mean, Korn is the inspiration for Death, Control denied... what the hell, korn and limp bizkit STARTET metal!! :lol:
Well, it's true isn't it? And also, Linkin park actually STARTED Opeth, but they quit just after still life, and left the name and band to Mikael... You see, Linkin Park was the name that MIKAEL was going to use after they all left, but the real linkin part didn't like the name opeth... ! :lol:
I always like it when people mention Coroner... R.I.P. is one of my fav albums of all time... way too good of a band to get no attention from metalheads. Tommy is an excellent guitarist.
...Coroner is pretty damn good...!

Why is it that i've never heard of them before, yet i'm into bands that no-one else has ever even dreamed of?? :lol: