Within the Fall - Debut album released!

Do it Ayush! :)

Okay, So I gave it 3 listens end-to-end today.

First song is BY FAR the best. It's exactly what you promised in your sales pitch (old katatonia). Songs 3 and 5 kick ass also. Songs 2 has a great ending. Song 4 isn't exactly my taste. Easy 3.5/5, more if i'm generous.

As for production, it's easily above my threshold (above which it doesn't really matter to me), so no real complaints there either.
So I finally got to do a full listen undistracted after my first couple times were interrupted.

Really solid stuff here, I like the song structures and changes of mood, the vocals sound really good and contrary to what Soren said the production is quite nice. It has a slightly muddy bottom end, and the vocals have a slightly odd mix but I think that's because your vocals are fairly dark to begin with, but overall it sounds pretty damn professional if you ask me. I was also pleasantly surprised by the clean vox. If I had to offer some criticism it would be that I wasn't too big on Graveyard of the Gods, the first half of the song just doesn't hold my interest as much as the other tracks.

As for the stand out track I like Where Sorrow Grows a hell of a lot, some really great melodies and I really like how the vocals work with the guitars.

All in all a really good release that will be receiving plenty more spins over here. :headbang:
A bit late on this but it is a big improvement from the demo I heard from you back... a few years ago?

Not the biggest fan of doom besides old paradise lost ( I don't even like old katatonia that much), but it sounds pretty good for people who enjoy this genre more than I do.. voice sounds killer though... first song and graveyard of gods are my favourites and the clean vocal part on where sorrow grows sound pretty good too...
Fuck tapatalk and being high. I wrote too much and it didn't send. I will listen to it when I have the time and mood for some methul. I'm a big fan of doom/death even though I haven't listened to any new release in 3 years. But I'm sure I'll like it cause I liked your demo album and if its in the atmosphete of old Katatonia and StS & Insomnioum there's no way I wouldn't like it.
I just finnished listening the album for the first time. The first track warmed my ears, the second track reminded me of Insomnioum and was catchy. The third track had a lot of good elements of doom/death and was the best track in my opinion. The graveyard of gods was not bad but meh it took down the energy/feeling i got from 2nd & 3rd tracks a little bit. I was thinking why besides doing clean & growl vocals why didnt you use harsh vocals until i heard the last track in which you did harsh vocal for a short time. So for a first time listening I was amazed and I can even say the band's musical level is comparable with great bands like Insomnioum. I dont care much about music quality as long as it doesnt bother me. so as a new band (well not much new) you were successful in producing an album which has it's musical genre elements besides not being repetetive.I will def listen to this again. I give it 7.5/10. Just my opinion :)
thanks a lot! not sure what you mean by harsh vocals; do you mean higher pitched growls/screams? anyway, glad you like it :) graveyard of gods is a re-recorded song from our first demo, so that might be why you do not enjoy it as much as the other (new) songs. paul kuhr of novembers doom does some guest vocals on the last track