1. D

    German Metal & Hardrock scene

    Goodday everyone, I am a musician from the Netherlands who would like to know a few things about the music scene in Germany I really want to know, what about the popularity of metal in Germany ? The metal and rock genres that thrive in Germany? I also wonder where most bands are formed in...
  2. 9

    band with female lead who looks like a guy?

    hey, so i have this project for school about gender stereotypes and stuff and i'm looking for bands with a female lead who defies stereotypes with her looks (thus, by looking masculine. she can sound masculine too though, that's cool too! im mainly looking for those who look masculine as a...
  3. Slough Feg

    T-shirts: screen print or digital print ?

    hey folks, quick question for you all. when you are looking at band shirts online or at a show, does it make a difference to you if it is a hand pulled screen printed shirt, or a digital direct to garment print ? Just want to know what you people think because I am thinking about making...
  4. metashredeca

    The Family Metal Band

    Check out this awesome young family metal band! They're band is called Liliac and here is a video of them performing Enter Sandman by Metallica I heard that they are currently working on they're first original album and they also perform at the Santa Monica pier every weekend. The reason I...
  5. masimatt

    Any bands like Slayer?

    My brother and I have yet to find another band that truly sounds like Slayer (old or new bands). We mostly care about the guitar chord progressions and the drums. Also we are talking about older Slayer (reign in blood, South of heaven seasons in the abyss, hell awaits.. ). Post your...
  6. Swandezvous

    Swandezvous, pleased to meet you!

    Hey all, long time metal fan, first time poster. I'm a songwriter from the PNW who posts YouTube videos on my channel. I really love all kinds of music, but metal definitely has a special place in my heart. The music I write carries a little of that metal edge with it, but y'all probably...
  7. AMatterOfExistence

    high pitched thrash metal vocals

    Hi fellas, i was looking for some help, as the title says, im looking for thrash bands which have aggresive, high pitched vocals. Best examples of what im looking for would be neil turbin (early anthrax) and john connelly (nuclear assault) thanks in advance!
  8. K

    if you like metal you may wanna check us out.

    First off not spam. Love metal. Grew up a Road Runner Records guy. As well as metal blade epic and geffen and ear blade. Anyway what we do is provide an outlet for new bands as well as play classics from all genres of metal music. So if you don't mind please like our facebook page and...
  9. Doppelgangers

    Album Artwork Designer

    Hi, my name is Mayte and I’m a professional graphic designer and illustrator from Spain. I specialise in creating high quality artworks and illustrations for bands and musicians. My website and portfolio: Best regards, Mayte