1. nacho220

    Old Swanö recordings now available through Swanö Merch on Bandcamp

    Swanö Merch has expanded in to music releasing territory! Old Swanö recordings have been remastered and given proper digital releases over on Bandcamp. First to be released are recordings by Ulan Bator, Stygg Död, O ( :the circle ) as well as some compilations that include remastered recordings...
  2. Slough Feg

    T-shirts: screen print or digital print ?

    hey folks, quick question for you all. when you are looking at band shirts online or at a show, does it make a difference to you if it is a hand pulled screen printed shirt, or a digital direct to garment print ? Just want to know what you people think because I am thinking about making...
  3. P

    *** Wanting to buy IK's OLD Amplitube version 2 VST ***

    Any old Amplitube 2 owners wanting to sell their VST license? It HAS to be the full standard/ classic version 2.
  4. M

    Can digitally modelled amps replace analogue amplifiers? (listening test)

    Hey Guys! I'm conducting a study on the topic of digitally modelled amps. It's based on my own hypothesis that digital amp modelling can replace all types analogue amplification (tube amps in particular) for common guitar practices which include practicing at home, live performances and studio...