1. Grog

    Somehow I recorded too Hot

    Kemper-> SPDIF to Scarlett-> Studio One (a dry signal and wet signal) I have no idea how it happened. I always made sure everything was green (kempers way of telling if somethings is clipping is pretty hard to tell sometimes) Maybe something happened in the Kemper. I recorded a lot of tracks...
  2. pohlski92

    One man band metalcore mix Kemper, GGD, Parallax

    Just finished up my brand new single. Kemper framus cobra profile for guitars GGD DRUMS snare replaced with ONESHOTZ Joel wasanek Neural DSP Parallax bass Vocals are SSL CHAIN and decapitator recorded on sm7B It’s a solo project by me. Follow if you enjoy
  3. T

    Hello, I am new here, need help with mixing!!

    Hello dear people of UM Forum, i'm new on this forum, after endless searches for improving my mixing, i decided to turn to the best resource possible. humans! so the thing is , i know how to use DAW's and how to record and i do use drums but whenever i record and mix something , i keep...
  4. this-is-a-cool-username

    Digital Modeling of Amps and Speakers VS Analog/Tube (Survey)

    I hope it is okay to share this. I just need some general information of you, how you like modelers like the kemper and IRs and so on. I made this little survey. No strings attached i just need this for my thesis ... the results in a few weeks could be...
  5. this-is-a-cool-username

    Over 1400 Free Kemper Profiles! ( many D.I. Profiles, Bass and Acoustic Guitar Profiles, ...)

    Hey! Have fun with my profiles guys I tried to recreate the sound of the following amps: For Guitar: AMPS Victory Kraken (Direct & Studio) Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 40 Deluxe (Direct Profiles) Soldano SLO 100 (Direct & Studio) Sunn Beta Lead (Direct ) Fender Bassman (Direct ) Fender...
  6. kirk89

    Kemper profiling amp rack version

    I´m selling my kemper profiling amp (rack version) price: 1380 € the amp is in near mint condition. optical and technical as new. amp was all time in my rack and mostly just at home the kemper comes with the original package cabon box and all manuals and cables. also these commercial bought...
  7. Fredman Digital Ltd.

    Legendary Kemper presets

    Hey! We've just profiled some awesome guitar and bass presets for the Kemper unit! It's got that classic Fredman sound to it that you can hear on so many epic album Fredrik produced! Aaaaand we're running a 25% off sale on out store – take this chance and make your guitar sound stand out from...
  8. guitarjon

    Axe FX vs Amplitube vs Kemper vs Thermionik vs Helix vs S-Gear: Mesa Boogie MKIV

    Time for another gear emulation comparison! This video is all about comparing the Mesa Boogie MKIV emulations in the following platforms (in no particular order): Axe FX/AX8 Kemper Profiler Helix (Native/LT) Amplitube 4 (Mesa pack) Thermionik S-gear Those were all the platforms of which I am...
  9. mauce

    Kemper profiles - Ampire Tones

    Hey, Just want to let the Kemper users on this forum know about If you are interested in tonematched profiles or amp packs you might want to check out. Cheers!
  10. this-is-a-cool-username

    MY KEMPER PROFILES - all Amps of the Axe Fx2, Helix, Vetta 2 and many real Amps (over 800) FREE!!

    Hey! Have fun with my profiles guys And i update them from time to time, so yeah...keep you eyes open On the newer Profiles i try to make variations of the amp with settings at noon or very broadbandsound so that you have a good base for further tweaking and i make many di Profiles now...
  11. J

    Josh Middleton Kemper Profile Pack

    Hey guys, I've just launched a Kemper profile pack. Heavy tones ready to sit in the mix. 53 unique profiles. I tried to cram as much variety in there as possible so no profile shares the same amp/boost settings or cab setup (cab blends, mic blends or mic placement etc) so you can switch out...
  12. Cirith Ungol Studio

    Gojira - Silvera (Cirith Ungol Studio) Cover

  13. Jigsaw Audio

    Jigsaw Audio Drum Samples & Kemper Profiles

    Hey guys! I'd like to introduce you all to the Jigsaw Audio Store. A huge range of drum samples and Kemper Profiles are now available. Enter code LOVEJIGSAW for 33% off your order until Valentine's Day. If anyone has any...
  14. AntonioPetrole

    Avalerion - Nausicaa/Lost At Sea (Melodeath with raws and stems)

    Hey all! Just released my 2 song demo for my project Avalerion. I've included the raw mixing files as well as already mixed stems below. If you dig the music or make a mix, I'd suuuuuper appreciate it if you could swing by the video and leave a comment or subscribe. Links are in the description...
  15. AntonioPetrole

    Just Dropped 2 New Avalerion Songs (Melodic Death Metal)

    Hey all! So a few years ago I posted one of my Avalerion songs that was pretty well received for what it was. I just released 2 new songs! I rarely ever self promote my stuff on these forums, but this one is super special to me. I'd appreciate it if you could check it out if you're into it, if...
  16. shine

    CiliLab ex SoundLab Kemper profiles

    Hi all! Here's some examples of my Kemper profiles! Visit my store Thanks for listening!
  17. Marcos Pereira


  18. Marcos Pereira


    Hey Guys!!! Killer Superior Drummer Preset here: LINK THIS PRESET HERE:
  19. born_dead

    Celestial Meridian - Seasons EP 2016 (my metalcore band)

    hi guys! check out our new EP 1.December 2 Prayer 3 Red Lines (feat. Joel Holmqvist of Oceans Red) 4 Murderers And Victims Drums - Superior + Samples Bass - Massive Metal Bass Guitars - Schecter Banshee 7a -> Kemper Vocal - Neumann TLM103/Shure SM7b -> Golden Age pre 73 -> Digilab digilab...
  20. B

    My first Kemper Metallica Recording

    Quick and dirty recording using kemper's default amps. guitars and bass = kemper , drums = steven slate