1. NorseBlood

    Is Savatage plotting their return?

    SAVATAGE Are Plotting Their Return - "JON OLIVA Is Always Working On New Music, Constantly Sending Me New Songs And New Ideas," Says Guitarist AL PITRELLI...
  2. NorseBlood

    Good Savatage live DVD?

    I'd like to pick up a good Savatage live DVD, but don't know which one would be the best one to get. Audio quality would be more important than video quality, but of course both on the same DVD would obviously be best. This guy (see link below) has a pretty good listing of what is out there...
  3. NorseBlood

    How is Jon Oliva doing?

    Its March 2019. Any word on how Jon Oliva is doing these days? His web site is down & I haven't heard a darn thing about him in a long time. I hope he is ok.
  4. NorseBlood

    PPUSA XX Headliners?

    I like to speculate about these things, and I know I've probably got a snowball's chance in hell of actually guessing who Glenn is going to have as one of the PPUSA XX headliners. However, I'm going to make a crazy guess here. Maybe its half guess and half wish, and I've got no idea where...
  5. D

    Guitarist Alex Skolnick talks Savatage, TSO in new interview

    I thought some here might have interest in this new interview I did with Testament/Metal Allegiance guitarist Alex Skolnick. For this interview we focused on his time with Savatage (the Handful of Rain album and tour) and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, as well as his entry into his jazz studies and...
  6. O

    Witherfall very Nevermore sounding...

    Found out about this debut on another forum. You can definitely hear the Nevermore,Opeth and Savatage influence. Along with hints of King Diamond. Thoughts?
  7. M

    CANDLE - Occult themed heavy metal

    My band Candle have just released our debut demo, with music inspired by Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Savatage and a great number of other bands. I will post links of all the demo tracks, as well as a youtube link to the whole demo. Let me know what you guys think of it!
  8. KingsGene


    SAVATAGE FRONTMAN ZAK STEVENS RECALLS PASSING OF CRISS OLIVA IN CAREER-SPANNING INTERVIEW - "I JUST SANK INTO A CORNER AND DIDN'T MOVE FOR EIGHT HOURS" "...While in the midst of his first TSO winter tour I caught up with Zak to discuss in-depth his start in music, introduction to Savatage, Jon...