thrash metal

  1. Merre1990

    Italicus Carnifex - Thrash-Groove Metal Band

    Good morning everyone! As mentioned in my presentation, I am the drummer of a thrash-groove metal band. We are coming out with our second album (March 19th) and I created this topic to get feedback and constructive criticism to improve the composition of the next tracks! So without fear, come...
  2. Domino WestPark

    Domino WestPark - Love Me (Music Video)

    A song and music video I made when I was 19.
  3. Olle Olsson

    Last Legion - Metall, Blod & Aska (blackened thrash metal)

    We in Last Legion recently released our first single of our upcoming debut album "Metall, Blod & Aska (Metal, Blood and ashes). It is the title track and you can listen to it here: Spotify: Lyric video: Pre-order the album here: Facebook:
  4. Y

    Describe each metal subgenre using only metaphors or analogies

    It can be a noun, adjective, story, or whatever they feel like to you. Make sure each description has a similar characteristic so that it's easier to compare. I will solely use colors to describe them: Heavy: yellow Thrash: orange Death: red Power: blue Black: black Prog: cyan Doom: gray...
  5. SonjaSofia

    RAUNIO - Parasite

    Hey there! We are a Finnish death/thrash metal band with female extreme vocals. Our 2nd demo “Parasite” came out a week ago. I’d be super stoked to hear your thoughts on our track! Here’s the SoundCloud link: The track is also available...
  6. Hawk

    A damn good 2022 thrash metal album

    Very energetic.
  7. I

    This is sick as hell!!!! Summoned to Die - Grinded to Dust

    This is so brutal, these guys have not released anything for 3 years!!! I hope they will release a new album soon, I love this so much!!!!
  8. ChemicalWarfare84

    Agent Steel: speed metal or thrash metal?

    One of my favorite old-school metal songs is "Unstoppable Force" by Agent Steel, and for the longest time, I thought they were thrash metal because I discovered them via a YouTube video about thrash metal. However, now I'm seeing quite a few sources that label them as speed metal, so now I'm...
  9. Erayz

    Death Defy - Portal To Immortals (Death Metal) [2021 Album]

    The debut album by a death metal band from Belarus "Death Defy" features cover songs and self-composed tracks. The album is available for free download at
  10. Drum Backing Track

    Drum Backing Track

    Rock`s fan? Here`s an awesome Rock Drum Track to jam with:
  11. ChemicalWarfare84

    Looking for bands with a classic, NWOBHM or thrash sound

    OK, forgive me if I do this wrong. Believe me, I read that post here that I should read before posting. That aside, for those who don't know me, my primary interests in metal are classic metal (including stuff that wouldn't necessarily have a subgenre), NWOBHM and thrash. Among my favorite...
  12. Olle Olsson

    New EP from Last Legion (Swedish blackened thrash)

    Last Legion recently released an EP called "Division Skaraborg". It contains four new songs and is available on all digital platforms. Spotify: We made a video for the title track: A lyric video for the opening track: Our facebook: It is also available...
  13. V

    Volixe - Intro (Demo single)

    Volixe is a thrash metal band from Chile with influences of death, black, progressive metal and classical/orquestal music.
  14. damako3

    Cryptic Confinement - Fanning The Flames Of Reprisal (Single)

    While their forthcoming album is on the way this is the first single off it. The guys are into Thrash Metal genre hailing from Dallas, Tx. Give 'em a stream and a thumb. Facebook Page Big Cartel
  15. L

    The Provoked - Thrash Metal Live Show 9-25-2020

    Whats up guys my thrash metal band just played a stream show in San Diego. We are The Provoked. I play bass. Check it out.
  16. M

    Agent Steel’s “No Other Godz Before Me” album is now available for pre-order

    So did anyone else see this? The announcement was first posted on the band’s official Facebook page, along with the album cover as well as legit release date. What do you think? Here’s the press release coming from the band’s label: ”International metal overlords and true masters of the craft...
  17. A

    "PANDEMIC DESTINY" by Vulture Locust - Live Grindcore + Extreme Metal 2020 LP Free Download

    12 Live Tracks Grindcore / Extreme Metal Vulture Locust from Portland Oregon "Pandemic Destiny (Live In Portland) MP3 ZIP WAV ZIP Google/Fbook search for more info + albums
  18. PotentialBand

    Havok - V

    Denver Colorado based thrash band Havok is back with their aptly titled fifth studio album, “V”. Perhaps the forerunner of the thrash resurgence of the late 2000s/early 2010s, Havok made a name for themselves early on, quickly gaining a following with their first two records, “Burn” and “Time is...
  19. PotentialBand

    Warbringer - Weapons of Tomorrow

    California based thrash band Warbringer is back with their 6th studio album; “Weapons of Tomorrow”, the first to feature new bass player, Chase Bryant. Warbringer hails from the thrash resurgence era, during which time it had become temporarily trendy to be in a thrash band. However, unlike...
  20. CHAKA

    CHAKA's "Neanderthal Tales" EP is out now! Prehistoric Cave Metal

    Hello Metalheads, I am writing to tell you about the new EP by CHAKA which is called Neanderthal Tales. It has been described as "a primal barrage of prehistoric power" and "What Metalheads in leather vests, carrying torches, would perhaps use as their anthem". I have attached the link...