“You got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack. Collect $50.”

There's been loooooooong threads about this game on other message boards, cause some people who work for Urban Outfitters post there. They (predictably) are upset by it, and I'm pretty sure UO is pulling the game largely based on internal company outrage.
employee: This guy wants to talk to a supervisor because i told him we don't have Ghettopoly anymore.
me: well, i'm going to tell him the same thing, but if he doesnt' believe you, transfer him to me.
employee: transfers him

dude: i just talked to someone at YOUR company who told me that you have this game, so i stopped what i was doing to go get my credit card and order it and now this kid is telling me you don't have it.
me: that's right. i'm sorry if you were misinformed earlier. we no longer carry this item due to customer concerns.
dude: well, then why did that other person tell me that. i don't know how you're running that company.
me: (keeps from laughing) well, i'm sorry sir, its sold out.
dude: let me talk to YOUR supervisor
me: he's not currently available. i'd be happy to have him call you back. what is your name?
dude: no i'll hold.
me: i'm sorry but you can't hold. i'm not sure when he'll be in the office.
dude; what's his name?
me: Mike
dude: Mike WHO?
me: That is not information that i'm permitted to give out
dude: What is your name?
me: missy.
me: again, sir, i'd be happy to have my supervisor call you if you prefer, but we are no longer carrying this item...
*hangs up*