A comment about this Opeth forum


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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I think it's the best one anywhere (that I've run across)

The real reason is that we all are music lovers in one way or another, and we appear to have a deeper sense of meaning. I've seen a few comments in various posts that there is too much non-music talk here.

My answer to that: music is an art form, a way to show expression. No one here seems shy about expressing themselves, and at least to me, almost all of it seems genuine. No one said we just needed to talk about Opeth and their music. But in fact, this is all about Opeth. It's a reason why we're here. Their music reaches only certain types of intellects, which is why this forum works so well for me.

Ok Ok - wipe the tears away.:cry:
I completely agree. I've been turned off by a lot of other forums because of all the mindless arguing, name-calling, and bickering that commonly goes on. For the most part, I feel this forum has a lot of intelligent people who I feel I share a lot in common with and enjoy conversing with. And let's face it, we can only talk about Opeth for so long without repeating ourselves over and over again. I welcome non-Opeth threads. It's very refreshing and enjoyable to talk about a variety of subjects with those of a similar mindset.