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Vendlus Records (USA) is the american support for Duplicate Records (Norway) Right now we are distributing the following 7 inches ltd to 500 each. *I hope this is posted in the right forum.. I apologize if not.

Lamented souls

Sample : http://www.duplicate-records.com/lamentedsouls_sample.mp3

Duplicate/Vendlus Records are proud to present “The Essence Of Wounds” the debut EP of Lamented Souls, one of the longest running and most anticipated Norwegian underground acts. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of classic heavy metal acts, such as St. Vitus, Black Sabbath, Candlemass and so on, Lamented Souls deliver a fine brand of rockin’ doom metal. Riffs and hooks that engrave themselves on your subconscious, pounding rhythms and of course classic soulful singing, courtesy of none other than Simen Hestnæs, widely revered for his work with acts such as Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar and Arcturus. Even if the band build on what these days are regarded as ancient tradition, their sound can only be described as unique, and utterly compelling. A-side “Essence of Wounds” is classic doom of the gravest order; . On the flip-side “Sprukken Maske” (“Shattered Mask”) is just as heavy metal as it is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, not least thanks to Hestnæs’ expressive vocal delivery.
“Essence Of Wounds” is an essential release to all metal fanatics.

Origami Galaktika

1st Sample : http://www.duplicate-records.com/origami7inchexcerpt1.mp3
2nd Sample : http://www.duplicate-records.com/origami7inchexcerpt2.mp3

Origami Galaktika is the brainchild of Benny Braaten (B9) and one of the more prolific underground ambient acts to rise out of Norway. Having toured both Europe and America with acts such as The Legendary Pink Dots, this is a lot more than just some guy sitting in his room with a sampler.Several albums and collaborations are available although it is perhaps the Jester Records coupling of the two albums ‘Stjernevandring / Månedans’ and ‘Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda’ (originally released on vinyl through Speeding Across My Hemispheres) that have caused the biggest ripples in the wordwide experimental/ambient underground. ‘The Power of Compassion’ is Galaktika’s first collaboration with Duplicate/Vendlus Records and it sees the artist plunging into new aural chasms. Otherworldy atmospheres seep through these two pieces and convey a sense of enlightenment; meditation the logical conclusion.


Sample : http://www.duplicate-records.com/bomberos_sample.mp3

Forget about all the so-called punk bands of today.
This is the real deal.
Five tracks of frothing-at-the-mouth oldschool punk.
Featuring Maniac of Mayhem on vocals.
Absolute kill!

prices are 7 dollars shipping paid each.
18 if you buy all 3!!!!
paypal: dubloth@hotmail.com
if need to send snailmail email me.

we have other releases planned soon.. right now we are just trying to spread these 7" throughout the scene. If you run a mailorder or are just interested in buying some in bulk please contact us.