a question for Mikael about the Moor error

Mikael Åkerfeldt said:
Yes, it's an DAT error...something happened with the DAT while we were mixing the album. Nobody noticed at first, then Anders from In flames heard these "drop outs"...they we're all over the place at first, but we managed to cut some of it out in the mastering...still that part couldn't be helped and I HATE listening to it! While I'm on the subject of recording errors...a lot of people have asked us about the ending of "Serenity painted death"...yes, it was meant to be there! Nobosy seem to think it's cool apart from myself and the band.


Dude :D

I like the ending of serenity painted death, and the end of closure. both rule.
I unfortunately don't have my Still Life CD at the moment but I must bookmark this thread so I can remember the times to concentrate on. How do you people pick this shit up? :lol: I never notice these things.

Like, a friend of mine, Static, says there's an error in A Funeral Portrait just after Mikael says "Like a derelict child." He says it's some kind of wheeze (actually he said it's an evil chipmunk sound). I could barely imagine hearing it though... I just can't seem to hear any errors... :erk:
I ADORE the ending to SPD! It is a shame it cuts off so soon, because the melody is just amazing! The Closure ending doesn't bother me at all, I like it. Both are GREAT songs.
Not to continue a dead thread or anything, but I'm glad I finally read a post about this. This has bothered me ever since I got Still Life a few months ago, but I always that it was just my copy (mine has a portion on the bottom of the disc that appears discolored). I usually listen to music on my headphones with full concentration, and I noticed this on the second time I listened to the album. Drives me crazy, but I can bare with it, since Still Life is just so damn good.
i noticed that the very first time i listened to it with headset "somethings wrong! instruments dissappearing from right ear?" picked up the new digi release. they have`nt fixed it yet. its quite annoying. it cant be made with intention.
discouraged1 said:
Have you noticed how the production on BWP big is?
I mean, really BIG.
Compare it to ANY metal album in your collection and you'll find how Opeth's guitars are stronger than any others' bands.

One friend of mine noticed Opeth have better (bigger) production than Metallica.

Yeah. It's a very simple engineering technique. It's called gain to the left, master volume to the right. Then all you have to do is multitrack the guitars and pan them around as desired.

Works like a charm EVERYTIME. :Spin: