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The Unshaven
Feb 16, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I just got back from a road trip to San Diego. And since I live in Phoenix, this basically consisted of six hours on the road to get there, a few days of "meet-n-greet" with the family, and then another six hours on the road to get back. Needless to say, my MP3 player pulled some overtime, as radio stations are hard to come by in the "desert/mountains/armpit of the universe" that I happened to be travelling through. It also got a pretty good work-out on those couch-surfing nights when I couldn't sleep a wink.

The list of albums that an inquiring mind can find on my MP3 player at any given moment, tends to be a bit of a revolving door. I get bored easily, and my playlist reflects this. There are a few exceptions, however. A handful of albums that tend to stake a permanent claim to the real estate on that sucker's flash drive. And Shadow Demon's "Grimoire of Ruin" has become one of those lasting landmarks.

I was zoned out on the road, with "Drums of War" pounding it's primal beat in my ears, when I realized that this was probably the one-thousandth time I'd heard that track since I purchased the album. And yet, while listening to it, the track didn't feel old or stale in any way. I wasn't tired of it in the least. In fact, it got my foot thumping on the floorboards just as quickly and easily as the first time I'd heard it.

Upon a moment's reflection, I realized that the same could be said about every track on the album. I couldn't count the number of times that I would simply select "Grimoire of Ruin" on my album list, and let it loop infinitely while my brain drifted off with a satisfied grunt.

To bring this to a close: "Grimoire of Ruin" is a dark and twisted masterpiece. A drum-thumping, guttural-voiced, axe-carving epiphany of metal.

'Nuff said.
Wow. Thanks for the "follow up" review. I have to say it is good to hear that from someone after having had the album for awhile. You know, some people may never "get it" upon the first listen but I hope for those that do that they can get something out of it for a long time down the road. Well...hopefully at least until the next album comes out. :)

...and before it's asked...no, it's still too early to ask questions about that. :D
Hey Metalfriends,

I am a proud owner of the kick ass Album "Grimoire of Riun".
The riffing and song ideas are killer!!!
The mix off "thrashy" riffs and great drumfills got me stunned as I met the guys at Myspace. The voice of Blaine Hammond and the growls (is that you Jeff?) fit more than great to the powerful riffing! :kickass:
First I listened to the songs on their page up and down...
Then I downloaded them from the Bands Homepage....
And then the virus got me.
The first song which catched me was "Drums of War" too.
I love the part where they sing: ohhhhohohhhhh :loco: if you know what I mean,would that be the refrain? :) of course!
Well, these tunes got me so electrified that I ordered my own hot,burning and smashing CD which is worth every cent.
A Band combining Thrash with classy arranged riffs, guitar howling ;) and fills..
To make it short: I love it!! So everyone who isn't in the lucky position:
Go out and by it!!! :headbang:

Danny//The Mist

Do you like Metal from Germany? Go check us here:
Hey Danny! To answer your question, yes, that is me doing the growling vocals on "The Dark Citadel" and "Sea of Oblivion".

Thanks for the post and I hope to see you hang around here in the future.. :cool:
Hey Max,
thanks for your kind words!
Yeah, I love Shadow Demon and I'm glad I found them...or did they find me? :D

@ Jeff: no problem, you asked for a favour and I support kick ass bands as well as I can. So thanks you for givin' out the link to this forum.
I'll be here more often, but in the european timezone :lol:
Metal on!
Well, I would say that new song ideas are starting to get generated, but it's too early to talk about producing an album just yet.

And dude, nice to see you around here again. :cool: