A small request....

Till Fjalls

May 21, 2001
* Toronto *
For those interested, Wars of Winter have two new songs up on mp3.com, and we would appreciate any comments or criticism we can get!!!

If you're interested in something heavier and fast, check out Darkest Majesty,

Something slower and emotional, check out Crimson Auras.

Or if you've got time to spare, check them both out!!

Here's the link : http://www.mp3.com/warsofwinter

Thanks a lot! :)
Just checked out those two songs.

Very mature stuff. It's tempered and has some creative wisdom and sensibilities working for it.

I don't have any time right now to go into detail, but I think the one flaw of "Crimson Aura" and "Darkest Majesty" is the clean singing (at about 4.20 mark and the 8 min (?) mark in the latter). I generally don't go for off key teenage whaling. Perhaps I"m not alone in this sentiment.

In all, however, mature compositions that deserve repeated listens.

The above comprises what's good about wars of winter.

Here's what's bad. A fragrant detractor to your music that I couldn't help but notice: your style of promoting your music. Talk about sucking your own dicks and being in love with yourselves. :err: Tone down your self-loving language and shameless promotion a little bit guys and exercise at least a modicum of refraint. :loco:

Great music though!!! :headbang:
Thanks for listening, and for the comments man. As for liking our own music, well, I see where youare coming from. But hell, I love the stuff. I think it's great. If I didn't think it was any good, we would never play it! Not trying to sound egotistical or anything, but it's true, we play music we want to hear, so obviously we like it. That's all....:)
yeah thats true , I hate when i'm talking to somebody and they ask how my band sounds . And I tell them , and then they ask "Is it any good" , it's a pretty stupid question , if your'e in a band and you don't like the music , you don't stay in the band (unless there makin like 10 million a year or something heheh) . What do people expect me to say " No our band is shitty don't listen to it " .

Anyway if you don't like it give constructive and helpfull criticism .

If the guitars are out of tune , we'll tune the guitars .
If the drums suck , well they suck .
If the bass sucks , don't even worry about that .
If the vocals sucks then we'll fix the vocals .

I've said it before , i'd rather hear somebody say "changing this and doing that to it would make it better". Than for them to say "Man it's not very good " or "cool song man"