Advent – From A Distant Landscape


Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Advent – From A Distant Landscape
Self Released – Demo 2002
By Russell Garwood

Advent hail from Italy, and debut demo “From A Distant Landscape” demonstrates their form of polished symphonic black metal. With Stefano Lentini in the line-up, a full time synth player, there is much orchestration, and as well as witch vox there is sporadic singing, both courtesy of Federico Capellaro. Giorgio Mula is responsible for guitars and bass. Whilst both are reasonably simple, he performs well, and Raccardo Anzaldi is accountable for the drums.

The demo is opened by the quiet violin intro of “Refulgent Moon”. When guitars start, the first section is reminiscent of Darkthrone (because of the music, not production or instrumentation). This continues as it began, the melody and symphonics making the music more accessible than it would otherwise be. Second track, “Landscape”, has more traditional black metal sections and, if slightly lacking variation, showcases the good clean vocals. Next, “Henking” has a majestic piano intro which breaks up the metal, and then another melodic ppassage with abundant instrumentation. “Return To Mithril Hall” has some noteworthy guitars but feels similar throughout, while closing track “Pagan Souls” has several moments which remind me of Cradle Of Filth, and closes the album well.

This demo was recorded at Dracma Studio, Torino, Italy, and the production is just what’s required. It is well balanced and all the instruments are audible, without any being overly prominent. All in all “From A Distant Landscape” is a promising demo, and Advent have the ability to succeed, especially with the slew of symphonic black metal bands at the moment – their generally well-written music will standout above less accomplished bands.
I first listened to Advent without knowing who was playin' (so, from the first chords, I thougth it was just another Darkthrone CD), and the surprise was enormous: all five songs are great (specially "Hemking", now one of my all-time black metal favorites!) and very coherent in their structure. I'm really looking forward to listen to their next demo, hoping it'll be faster, angrier and, sure, better.