Album 4: promotion strategies and companies

Let's start with promo companies we already talked about:

1) Europe: Oktober Promotion --> I've read the email, and according to the fact that this company was suggested by Summer Breeze + Alive + they work with very big labels / bands...well i think this is the company to go with.

2) USA: Earsplit PR --> If compared to SureShot i worked with in Europe, i can say that yes, i saw extra efforts from them. Like every release, if there's no interest from the media, it's difficult to push it all, but this is not the case of Be'lakor. Earsplit did very very well with Secrets of the Sky, with the album getting reviewed on many big mags / website + the guy at the company pushed the band by providing contacts for touring / adding the band to festivals, etc. Most of these things were not included in the promo package but they did because they liked the band very much. Moreover, Earsplit write down very good press releases and you can see them online on several webzines, while SureShot didn't make this. If it's up to me, i would stay with Earsplit for your album.
Hi Lorenzo,

Yes - we are happy to stick with Earsplit for the US. Do they do Canada too?

Please note: Oktober only do German speaking countries. We will still need further efforts, through someone else, for other parts of Europe.

With this in mind, we will work with you to find agencies that can cover:

- rest of Europe
- Asia (possibly)
- UK
- Australia (we will handle this)
First of all, there's a thing that hasn't been clarified yet (or at least, i haven't understood from emails): are you contributing to the promotional costs, or are they all up to Kolony? This i need to know in order to develop everything else, from the promotional side to the contract itself.