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has anyone seen a tutorial on virtual instruments and making them sound more realistic? like for horns/strings etc. reverbs, chorus, ensembles....if you have could you point me in that direction?
I haven't noticed a guide like this so I figured I'd ask. Would anyone be interested in a guide to mix EQ including audio files/examples? Things like getting instruments to lock together, frequency stacks, fixing bad recordings, sibilance, etc. I've been lucky enough to learn a lot of awesome and relatively simple tricks from a former live monitor engineer for Tool (My engineering chops have gone up exponentially since meeting this guy), and I think the info might come in handy to a lot of folks. If enough people want it I'll do it.


also, I haven't ever seen a tutorial on volume automation, like, when to use it/how much you should use/why you should use it, which would be cool, cause everyone goes on about it but I never bother using it 'cause really, I don't have a clue how to use it properly besides bringing the guitars down a bit when vocals are going on and stuff
I'm Trying to Figure out how to sequence fast paced guitar sounds using Shreddage 2 or Prominy V metal(Guitar vst). I'm Referring to the rhythmic "Groove Metal" esque guitar breakdown passages commonly heard in metalcore and deathcore genres.

"Breakdown of Sanity"

I'm trying to replicate that fast paced guitar chug that this band uses.
Hello, I'm facing annoying problems while doing midi drums, either with Reaper or Guitar Pro 5.

GP5 problem:
So I just got this nice midi keyboard (AKAI LPK25) and I'd like to do the basic drum layout with guitar pro, but for some reason, I canno't input notes with higher value than 30 anywhere, obviously the most important drum notes lie between 36-55. I'm quite new to midi, but it seems I cannot import any drum maps via .xml (I tried to do something with eDrum midi mapper), it just says that something has to be PARTWISE or TIMEWISE (whatever that means). Othewise the midi keyboard works fine with instruments, but I cannot get anywhere past note 30 (I think this has to do with the fact that GP recognises fret #30 as the highest possible?). So is there any way to remap the GP drum map? For example now 36 is bass drum, and I'd like to be no 0 or 1.

Reaper problem:
When I'm putting my drum software as a vsti, it plays all the notes from the keyboard as I want the to be played etc. But what I'd like to do, is to simply put the notes I want, to the place/time where my mouse is currently pointed at in the MIDI Item. I can't find anything of interest in the action list. I don't want to record anything because I cannot play drums with keyboard obviously. I just want to adjust the velocity, the time and the note by pressing the midi keyboard while my mouse is in the correct position. Is there any way to fix this?