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Aug 4, 2011
Just started one! Post your ampsim tests or whatever in this group and please join if you will, i'm surprised there wasn't already one? I must admit when i go to soundcloud a lot of times i'm just looking around for "that ampsim tone someone must have nailed it!", and sometimes i find some guys tests that i like, so i think it would be cool with a group for it.
Here's my first attempt at some tones with Bias Amp/Bias fx's. Pretty impressed with its sound, i've tried so many ampsims over the years but never gotten a tone that i like, and impulses and so on, this is straight out of the ampsim, no impulses, but still sounds very cool, at least to me! LOL.
What u guys think?

Edit: If joining the group, please write in the description what you used, Di, guitar, bass, drums, etc!

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Where are all ampsim guys? Check out the latest rammstein tone, think its pretty damn good, my playing is sloppy tho, recorded in a "none tempo" just added the original track and played over it, then tried to timestretch and well,. turned out a little shit, too lazy to re-play, haha.
and eventually i added the guitars in a real tempo and re-produced it, deleted the original.
But the tone is pretty damn hip for a ampsim i think.
I posted a track but ALL my tracks on my soundcloud were recorded with ampsim's, I don't have a proper recording room and a decent amp, I only own a Blackstar HT5C, the very first version with the 10" celestion speaker, I already tried to mic' it and it doesn't sounds great...

So yeah, I just posted a recording test I did with a single guitar track, not a full mix.

Funny thing, the last track posted on the group appears in your post :D
I didn't know the forum was able to do that... So my track appears on the post: great
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I posted a track but ALL my tracks on my soundcloud were recorded with ampsim's, I don't have a proper recording room and a decent amp, I only own a Blackstar HT5C, the very first version with the 10" celestion speaker, I already tried to mic' it and it doesn't sounds great...

So yeah, I just posted a recording test I did with a single guitar track, not a full mix.

Funny thing, the last track posted on the group appears in your post :D
I didn't know the forum was able to do that... So my track appears on the post: great

Haha, yeah well that's nice isn't it? :D Rock on! I have a mesa boogie dc caliber 5 i've recorded it once or twice, but the best results have always been when i crank the amp, and that's just not possible. But the rammstein ampsim test i did think pretty much nailed a thick tone that doesnt sound "ampsim" at least not too me.
Bias Amp/FX is the best software ampsim to me at the moment, havent tried amplitube 4 yet tho, sounds promising!
I tried Bias and I think it sounds like garbage, I spend a week trying to make it sounds good without success and now I know why so many youtuber uses the tone match function...
I would even place Bias behind Peavey Revalver 4, the only problem with Revalver is probably the noise and the impulses.

And I wasn't using amplitube 4 but 3 but it's almost the same thing I guess
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Ahh, well bias fx is better for sure, you cant get so much gain out of bias amp unless you use a booster pedal before. But theres something with the compressor between the booster and od pedals before the amp that just strikes magic too me. One can get a really distorted sound without that big zag of heavy distortion mud that i get with guitar rig 4, revalver 3,5 etc. Howevver i really like some tones from revalver, but they always sounds so thin too me, that's what impressed me with bias. Sounds more fuller/bigger, but maybe worse in other aspects. All ampsims have their weaknesses, i guess. Anyways Amplitube 4, anyone tried it in a serious mix? feel free to post in the group.
I had the TSE808 in front of bias :C !
For Revalver hmm ... I don't remember that, I think the cab impulses are just bad, that's why it sounds so thin.
But I liked the dynamics, it was clean, not too muddy, the only big problem was the background noise, without a noise gate other amp simulator are not that noisy.

I will try to do a comparison between amplitube 3 and 4 and post it later.

And I will also post a serious mix using amplitube 4 later too, I'm currently doing a cover but I still need to record 3 guitar tracks (2 clean and one Lead, which should be good for a demo) and it uses the Soldano Slo 100 with the modern T1 cab (based on a Mesa 4*12 OverSized cab).

EDIT: and here it is, the amplitube 3 vs 4 comparison:

There seems to be a major difference between the two, I think it's because they changed the whole 12" speaker's cab section, because now you can swap the speakers and all the cabs come with a default type of speaker that match more or less the one you'll find in real life... and there is like 8 different kind of V30.

I will try to do another comparison between the two, except this time I will bypass the cab sim from amplitube and run them in an impulse loader, because at the moment I can't really tell what's the real difference outside the cab simulation.
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I hope you didn't do any post equing or such? To me amplitube 4 (listen in headphones!) sounds a little beefier in the lowend, kinda like what revalver and guitar rig 5, etc are missing. also some of the high-end fizz is not as present. But to be honest, it's not like "Wow what a difference i'll buy amplitube 4 today!". But it's improved for sure! I think if you recorded two di's dry left/right and copied them and try to run them thru different amplitube 4 instances different amp, cab, etc. It will be a lot thicker. I did that a lot lately, works on most ampsims. If it sounds wrong or "phasy" just change amp/cab, etc.
I uploaded the song again without High and Low pass, so the high end should sparkle a little bit more.
no post EQ but I used the tube compressor from amplitube.
Yes I agree with you, having different settings on each track should sound wider.
oh you meant 2 left and 2 right? Sorry I misunderstood , I thought you were talking about different settings on the left than the right... hmm I get it, well, I already tried to mix two different amps for the same track but I didn't quite like the result so I never posted any tracks on my soundcloud, I already tried to mix the 5150 and the powerball because the ENGL has a really thick and precise low end compare to the 5150 but the result was "meh" ...

But I've heard some clip where it works pretty well.
Tried Amplitube 4 probably is my new favourite ampsim, sounds so thick and full..Leadsound sucks, but my string broke so had to use another guitar which has poor electronics/pickups, so sounds like some ugly kirk hammet lead ;) Edit: see in the first post (last group post MF - Curse of th.)
The presets that come stock with amplitube aren't that great, they all sound muddy or the gain is too high... well there is always a problem, so I ended up making my own presets.

And what makes the presets sounds fuller is the room reverb, choose the studio room (the one with the acoustic panels) solo that channel, and move the room mics until it sounds full, unsolo it, set the volume to taste, in the rack section : amplitube > other > sterero enhancer and redure it (to the first bar on the left) and it should make a good sounding mono track.

And I also suck at making lead patches too, but I usualy use the same rythm patch, I boost the mid and the treble a bit, and then I add delay and reverb (about 1.2 to 1.8 second).

and it sounds like that:

at 2:35

And what's really suck about amplitube is the noise gate, it's not fast enough, so you will always hear a small "woosh" after hitting strings, any external plugin should do the trick, I personaly use the one that come with podfarm.
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I like Amplitube 4 more and more, but i agree the noisy shit at release of the tones suck balls. But the more i do ampsims the more i start to believe you really can make good tones with anything, it's just as with anything in music production, layering tones is key. Just double tracking in "ampsims" usually don't cut it. Here i recorded six guitars, and used different ir's and the same amp, i think it was the mark IV from amplitube, sounds pretty cool, at least i think so.
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Quick comparison between Amplitube4 and Bias FX:

everything is set on noon (except the bass knob)
I set the gain on BiasFX a little bit higher, otherwise it would have sound a little bit too dry...

It will give you a rough idea how both of them sound 100% stock (with their respective cab sim)

And for those interested, here is an EQ capture of both sim with their cab sim turned off:
Purple = Amplitube 4
Yellow = BiasFX
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and because we're at it...
BiasFX vs Bias Desktop because WHY NOT?

This time I used another cab sim because the point wasn't to compare BiasFX with another amp sim but with Bias Desktop and I have to admit that the 4*12 Green 25s sounds a little less like crap than the other cab sim (so... well done Positive Grid? Yay?)

I used the OD808 from bias FX to boost Bias Desktop and I also downloaded a patch from the cloud because surprise surprise, Bias Desktop does not come stock with a 5150 sim.
This time the Gain knob on Bias Desktop wasn't 3,5 or even 4... it was 8,5... well it's not like it was useable after 10 anyway so it's not a huge loss.

And the EQ captures, of course:
Pink = BiasFX
Yellow = Bias Desktop

Without any surprise the curves line up pretty well... so the stock Bias Desktop has no 5150 sim but with the right tweaks it can do the BiasFX 5150's tone

Little reminder if you only read this last post: those EQ captures curves were done WITHOUT the cab sim, that's why they look like that... buuuut at the same time on bias, they look like they were done with the cab sim on, which is kinda funny, right?

Something is telling me that they tried to make their App (and now VST) "mix ready" (or it wasn't intended to use it as a amp sim for mixes, but for people doing covers to play over existing songs, it sounds trebbly so it could cover the sound of a guitar...) by adding a high and low pass filter, a high shelf (to let more space for cymbals) and a notch arround 3k (so it cuts through the mix better) and maybe other stuff, because in my Amplitube 4/BiasFX comparison, BiasFX cuts throught the mix a lot better and we can hear the kick better than with Amplitube 4, with the same output.... however it sounds thin and lifeless, and amplitube 4 with the right settings, the right mic placement and a good post EQ can sounds waaaaaaay better than the demo I did earlier.

I would also like to play a little bit with the TSEx50 but I don't have it
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So this time I've got two demos!
Overloud TH3 vs Amplitube 4

First one : TS + 5150 + mesa 4x12

Sounds pretty different right?

However the EQ with the cab bypassed are very close to each other:

So for a fair comparison I decided to use the same cab simulation, because TH3 sounded exactly the same with one instance (amp + cab) as with two (one VST for amp simulation and one with the cab) I decided to bypass Amplitube 4's cab sim and put the TH3 one instead then I made sure amp output levels were exactly the same.

And this is the result:

And they still sounds different!

( and to hear the difference with tone matching)
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