First Time Recording A Real Amp

Blond Panda

New Metal Member
Jan 6, 2017
Had a chance to record my brother's amp about one week ago.
It's a 100W Jet City amp with a Boss Overdrive in front, running into a Harley Benton Cab loaded with 2 Vintage 30s.
Used an SM57 into a Scarlet 2i2 to capture it.
It's quite the budget setup, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out.
I recorded a bunch of other tones as well. The amp works pretty well for all things that have distortion on them
but kinda falls apart at clean tones.
Even works pretty well when you're running a bass through it.
Gotta match all those tones in BIAS and probably use them for projects later on.

Anyways, here's the best tone I got out of the amp. Excuse my shoddy playing, I'm no good at guitar: