ANALOG Mixing and Mastering for Metal Music!

Michael Wenz

Mixing and Mastering Engineer •
Sep 11, 2016
Tampa, FL
Hi guys, love this forum! I have been a metal head for almost 30 years! I think my first metal concert was the Headbangers Ball Tour featuring Anthrax, Exodus and Helloween in 1989! I was in 4th grade! I am totally into thrash and punk and always will be! I am also a Producer and Engineer and have been since 1999.

I am launching my new site and I am looking to do more metal music. I get lots of Hip Hop and Electronic Music artists that need mixing and mastering but I really enjoy working on complex arrangements and heavy music. I do fully analog summing mixes and fully analog high end mastering. I know exactly what it takes to turn your semi professional recording into radio quality. I use triggers on drums and I can edit guitars, bass and vocals the way they were intended.

I am down to do a free consultation and even a FREE Mastering if you are on the fence about where you are going to get your songs mastered. I am down to earth and I am down to help! I am a small business in Milwaukee Wi and I would love to hear from you!

Checkout my site if you would!