Anyone else have a great Friday 13th?

Ulster Mosher said:
The gas for getting the old wisdom teeth out is great. Never feel a thing, but I still heard the crack, even under anaesthetic.

Nice! :erk: They told me when I got mine pulled, that I started coming too, and they had to give me extra gas. They said in total, I needed almost twice the gas that they give to most people! I'm not even a big dude! I'm like 5'10 160 lbs! Must be from all the drugs I used to take! :lol:
strik9 said:
Dude, if you get them pulled (which you should by the sounds of it) get the gas. You don't wanna be awake when they pull your wisdom teeth! It's like a fisherman wrestling with a great white, yanking those suckers out! Plus ya gotta love that cracking sound! If you're really lucky the tooth'll still be under the gum, and the dentist'll slice it open. hmm blood! Imo it's worth getting the gas. Sure it isn't the worst experience in the world, but why even put up with it when you don't have to?!

No the gas made me paranoid, I could not relax for the life of me
I even said what It fealt listening to my braincells pop

a week later they gave 2 pills like a valuum, I barley remeber getting it pulled
but the relief was instant....
the sooner you get it out the better, or do you really want them to drill?
umm. i kinda like my teeth where they are , thanks! so i took option B, which none of you mentioned im surprised to say, which is:drink till the pain goes away! 2nd bottle of jack today! and ikanstilllltyp well! not pzzzt at allllll :loco: