Anyone need some new band logos?

Under The Oak

Ens Causa Sui
Jul 9, 2003
Austin, TX
Hi guys. I'm trying to expand my portfolio and work with more bands to get my artwork and design out in the scene(s). If any of you need new band logos, just ask and I'll do a few for free. Here are some samples of my past work:


ooh me me!!! My band's name is Embalmed.

thank ya :wave:

btw we're a death metal band, if that helps in the styling of the logo.
Jaded said:
that looks like noctuarys logo for some reason

:err: Really? I think they look nothing alike.


Hmm, I dont know why it reminds you of that. It sorta reminded me of Emperor for some reason, but not Noctuary. Oh well.

Jaded said:
it needs to be tr00 and nekro and completly unreadable!

Hahaha, we'll see what Tindor says about that. If he wants it "tr00", he'll get it "tr00". But personally, I think this shouldnt be altered too much more. Thats probably cuz I dont really like unreadable logos though, lol.
Funeral Portrait said:
nah man, just make it look sick and twisted! :loco:

Ok, this may not be what you had in mind, but this is the idea I got from the name "Embalmed".


Remember, I can easily make these logos bigger and higher resolution if you decide you like them. Tell me what you think!
Are you going to use it then? If you do, please email me: and I'll set you up with a bigger size of the image. These logos don't turn crappy when you want them in bigger sizes unless you stretch them A LOT, so I think you'll be pleased if you ever wanted to make t-shirts or anything.
ubiquitos said:
i think the first "s" in the "havenless" logo should have a spike coming up from the top of it like on the "n", really cool thou....

........what program do u use to create these?

That's a beautiful idea.