Anyone Notice the Digital Cameras?


Skeletor Goes to Mars
Jan 30, 2005
For some reason it seems like I saw a slew of digital cameras at the show this year that I didn't see the past two years. Every time I turned around I saw someone in the pit or bleachers with a digital camera taking photos.

I saw a large group of people speaking Spanish that had digital cameras during the Hellish Rock show.

I didn't bother reporting anyone because there were so many cameras. I know Glenn is trying to break down on bootleggers, but I don't know what can be done to solve the problem. By the time you squeeze out and find security there is a slim chance you'll be able to get back in and find your bootlegger. Also, you can only give away so many VIP passes for people who reported bootleggers.

On a side note phones are now getting to where they take pictures and videos that surpass digital camera quality from a few years ago.
I could be incorrect, but I believe cameras were allowed at the Hellish Rock show. I don't bother bringing a camera anymore so I don't really pay attention to the specifics. I heard mention that it was okay for Wed & Thurs but not Fri & Sat, and accordingly I saw numerous cams during the first two days, and hardly any on Fri & Sat. Then again, this was the first year in many that I wasn't having to peer between 30 raised hands and cameras during every set, for which I'm very thankful!
A lot of the digital "cameras" were cellphones though there were some people I saw with digital cameras. I wasn't sure who to go to since no one was really around besides the security guys who in the past have done nothing. Go hunt someone down and miss part of the set I wanted to see? I decided if I saw anyone obviously videotaping I'd report them but any I saw weren't held up for extended periods of time (I missed Iron Savior where apparently someone was caught taping).
Signs were posted on the venue doors for Hellish Rock that no cameras were allowed per Helloween and Gamma Ray. I was near the group of "people speaking Spanish" who had the cameras on the floor that night and Glenn was alerted and he addressed the issue with them. I didn't notice many cameras this year besides the ones in the photo pit as I was fortunate enough to be on the rail for most of the fest. Admittedly, I did get a fair bit of amusement during the first two songs of each set watching the photographers do their best to jockey for position to capture shots in the notably smaller pit area this year. I'll bet many of them felt like smoking a cigarette afterwards. :lol:
I guess a jeer from me was that I distracted quite a few times by the guy with the penlight. Yeah, I knew it was his job but really there was no enforcement with regard to the camera issue. Security could have checked bags and purses and not allowed entry. Or, perhaps next year just allow it because there is no way to change it.
I saw a ton of people with digital cameras clearly holding them up above the crowd and taking pictures. They were doing it right in front of the sound board and Glenn was sitting there, so I figured they must've been VIPs or something.
Admittedly, I did get a fair bit of amusement during the first two songs of each set watching the photographers do their best to jockey for position to capture shots in the notably smaller pit area this year. I'll bet many of them felt like smoking a cigarette afterwards. :lol:

It was really really hot, especially for the later bands, when EVERYONE started cramming in, and that one guy decided he wanted to head to stage right from stage left, everyone else be damned.
People with VIP or Photo passes are allowed to use digital cameras, and I'm pretty sure everyone I noticed with true digital cameras fell under that category.

As noted earlier, a lot of people were taking pictures with their cell phones, including some of the newer phones with displays large enough to be mistaken for digital cameras at first glance.

Glenn is pretty clear about his policy, and it seems stupid to pay all that money for the show, travel, and accommodations, just to get kicked out for bringing in a digital camera.

I did notice one guy who appeared to be getting busted by security, Glenn, and his crew, but I didn't notice any camera, so I suspect he might have been taping. Ironically, he was being walked off the floor as Iron Savior was closing out their set with "Breakin' the Law."
I noticed quite a few flashes just before Iced Earth started their set. The curtains were open but the stage lights were still off.

Yeah - modern cell phones with a built-in camera and flash are just about as good as a cheap stand-alone digital camera these days. So are we gonna ban camera phones now? :erk:
It said no cameras but they didn't even check

But I just took pics with my cell phone...they came out decent

My bag was checked several times each night the first hour or two when first entering and going between the vendor room and the main area. If you're staying at the Granada it's easy to walk back to your room and grab a camera after the 3rd band once they've stopped checking bags. Obviously though most guys don't bring bags so bag checks don't really do that much when they can easily stuff it in a pocket. Hell, the first night the security guys did the bag checks and just asked me "Do you have a camera in here?" without checking inside. And there looked to be at least 10x the number of digital cameras that night.

I have a feeling the two guys I noticed up front with digital cameras on Friday were the same guys Glenn talked to Thursday night.
I had my (film) camera in my purse Thursday night, but after seeing the "no cameras of any kind" sign, I never took it out. I was just happy not to have to go back to the hotel to put it away. To me, no camera means no camera...guess it's just too much of a temptation for some people.