Anyone want to play a guitar solo?


Apr 30, 2008
This is for a song i'm doing. I'm not too useful for solo-ing right now, also, I couldn't come up with a solo I was happy with, so would love to collaborate with someone for a solo. Style wise, its just straight up metal imo..

If anyone's interested, please let me know! I'd require DI's for tweaking.. your name will be credited for the solo of course.. 25-07-10.mp3

It's in Drop C tuning, in a A# minor scale at 160bpm. The section for the solo starts around 2:36 till about 2:59.

Feel free to add something in the beginning/end/wherever else..
Kramer, did you see my message above?

Ill do it but you gotta fix the mix

Yeah man, i'm sorry i haven't really had too much time...

would you say that the pumping is mostly because of the cymbals or the entire thing?


@Everdark: just had a quick listen, nicely done man.. thank you
Everdark: i really like the solo dude, but it has a major feel to it as opposed to most of the rest of the song which is quite has a more gloomy/minor feel.. i feel a few notes is shifted by a semitone would fit the overall mood better. Cheers!

guitarguru: I forgot about a master limiter i'd put on stupidly, now i gotta remix some things with the drums. Hopefully will get some time this week to get it done.