Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy are cool to, I have Burning bridges and Black Earth. Both are really good cd's if you like the whole melodic death metal thing. I haven't heard the new cd with the chick singer,but from what i've been told it sounds identical anyway. Start listening to Sakkuth if you haven't already either.
I have all the Arch Enemy albums but I find that Stigmata is the best one. The songs are arranged by the drummer (he has got some serious talent) and they seem to flow a little better than the other albums.
The mix is also the best on Stigmata as well.
AE rule. Burning Bridge is my fav album of theirs. Black Earth is fantastic, but it's impossible to get hold of, other than on mp3. I'd love to say what I think of the newie but Century "tightarsed" Media won't release it. Fucking wankers.

I love Mike Amott.