Astral Sleep "UNAWAKENING" CD [Avantgarde Death Doom]


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Sep 24, 2008
Astral Sleep is a band found in 2004, that plays Metal with all kinds of influences, greatest of them being Doom Metal. The band released a 2-track demo in 2005, that was later released on cassette by Bubonic Doom Productions in the year 2006. In autumn 2006, Astral Sleep began working on their first full-lenght album. Over a year later the album was ready, and it was titled "Unawakening".

"Unawakening" was be released by Solitude Productions 21.09.2008.

Label comment:
"The first LP album of this young Finnish doom death band, with a line-up consisting of musicians who have played in lot of projects and bands, performing music from heavy and power metal to black and death! This work of Astral Sleep draw apart the frames of doom and death metal, in the tradition of Unholy and Umbra Nihil. "Unawakening" is addressed not only to the listeners of the genre, but also to people who search for new music and fresh sensations."

Samples and ordering information available at &
We are auctioning all the available merchandise at the moment in eBay, including last copies of the first demo in CD and Cassette form. If anyone is interested in those, here is your chance. Also "Unawakening" CD and logo shirt available, if you prefer using eBay instead of our own ordering form.
Website updated with lots of reviews and info's about the first live acts.

Astral Sleep live:
22.08.2009 @ Heavy Corner, Hellsinki Finland with Colosseum & Saattue

10.10.2009 @ Lepakkomies, Hellsinki Finland with Colosseum & Saattue
Lots of updates: has been updated with the following:

- "Rising of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute to Thergothon" 2CD has finally been released! Astral Sleep has contributed by the semi-acoutic version of the classic song "Yet the Watchers Guard". Orders can be made directly from the band, the price is 10 euros.
- The show at 10.10.2009 in Lepakkomies, Helsinki was a success despite the fact that Saattue had to cancel! Video of the song "Landscapes" can be found [ame=]from Youtube.[/ame]
- Besides the Thergothon-tribute, debut album "Unawakening" is still available with decreased price (8 euros) alongside with logo t-shirts (10/11 euros). Easiest way to order is through our official ordering form.
- Astral Sleep has contributed to a book called "A Heavy Metal Salute to Heavy Metal Band Name Origins", written by Blair Gibson, along with 500 other metal groups. The book is about bands explaining the story behind their name by their own words. Print and download can be bought from

Besides all this, we are currently working on the upcoming mCD. It should be released at the first half of the year 2010.
I don't know if this is appropriate to post this on a english forum, but anyway...

Usually Astral Sleep is not the "battle of the bands"-participator, but since we have long time ago decided that we would very proudly play live in midsummer festival Nummirock 2010 in Finland, we had to participate to the contest they are helding.
You can vote straight away with facebook account. It is very recommended to vote if you want the Finnish midsummer celebrators to witness a live show worth watching. And of course it is recommended to come see us too, I will personally buy you a beer if you really come from abroad to see us :D