At what album did bands peak in terms of lyrics and music

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I'll start with a few bands

Metallica - music - Ride the Lightning
lyrics - And Justice For All

Megadeth - music - Rust In Peace
Lyrics - Peace Sells...But Whos Buying

Nevermore - music and lyrics - Dead Heart In A Dead World

Iced Earth - Music and lyrics - Horror Show

Ozzy - music - Diary of a Madman
lyrics - Ozzmosis

Alice In Chains - Music - Facelift
lyrics - s/t

Black Sabbath - Music and lyrics - Sabotage

Iron Maiden - music and Lyrics - Brave New World

Slayer - music - Reign In Blood
lyrics - Seasons in the Abyss

Choose any band, I stuck with mainly generic bands so try to be diverse. Also remember, each is entitled to their own opinion, so try to keep the insults to minimum.
Iron Maiden
Lyrics-Piece of Mind



Music-Moving Pictures tied with hemispheres (signature sound)
Lyrics-Grace Under Pressure and Signals (tied)
You use the word PEAK, but i think you mean otherwise... but i shall do it for PEAK, their best...

Metallica - music - ...And Justice for all
Lyrics - ...And Justice For All

Megadeth - music - Rust In Peace
Lyrics - Never... :lol: no really, Rust in peace was decent

Nevermore - music - POLITICS OF ECSTASY
Lyrics - Hmm... Dreaming Neon Black

Iced Earth - Music and lyrics - Horror Show

Iron Maiden - music and Lyrics - seventh son of a seventh son :headbang:

Slayer - music - Seasons in the abyss
lyrics - Seasons in the Abyss

Atheist - Music - Unquestionable Presence...
Lyrics - Atheist had lyrics?? Wow... I never knew :D

Theory in practice - The Armageddon Theories

Dream Theater - Scenes from a memory
Lyrics -> ...And Justice For All
Music -> ... And Justice For All / Ride The Lightning

Lyrics - > Rust In Peace / Cryptic Writings
Music -> Rust In Peace

Blind Guardian
Lyrics -> Imaginations... / Nightfall In Middle Earth
Music -> Imaginations From The Other Side

Lyrics -> Politics / Dead Heart
Music -> Politics / Dead Heart / Dreaming

Lyrics -> Dead Winter Dead / Poets... / Wake Of Magellan
Music -> Handful Of Rain / Poets... / Hall Of The Mountain King

Lyrics -> Chaos A.D. / Nation
Music -> Chaos A.D. / Roots / Arise

Lyrics And Music -> Oceanborn / Wishmaster

Type O Negative
Music And Lyrics -> October Rust

Music -> Scrolls of the Megilloth

Music -> Speed Metal Symphony

Steve Vai
Music -> Fire Garden / Passion And Warfare
I like the lyrics to the self titled AiC album,the line

"you'd be well advised not to plan my funeral before the body dies"


plus, some of those songs are really dark and depressing and for some reason I am into that
The lyrics to the s/t AiC cd are good...but I just like the Dirt lyrics better...that album is even more depressing..."Dirt" is a classic...but on s/t,"Shame in You" is a really sad song,I think.But because of the sond and the way Staley's singing,not becuz of the lyrics.