ATTN:Everybody! Please help------------->

Hi all!

Well, I'm finally getting close to having the website redesign done, and while it's a little rough around the edges I'm hoping you guys will like it.

Anyway, I have decided that we just won't be able to have the full version mp3s available for download on the site itself. I am hoping that we can make them available through Virus's archive instead. It's a bummer, but we just aren't going to have enough room, and I'm sure that when we move to lightnin's server he'll appreciate us keeping the overall size of the site to minimum. In the future, I may come up with a way to buy enough server space to support us, but I'm still scheming on that and it won't happen anytime soon.

What I'd like you all to do is this:

Go to Streaming Audio test page .

Click on the link and listen to Flight of Icarus. It's in Windows Media Player format. (.asf)

Post here and let me know:

1.How it sounds

2.If your browser and Internet conncetion were able to handle it ok.

3.Any other thought you might have

I have already tested it on my 56k modem and it played all the way through without having to rebuffer. It sounded pretty good to me. However, my ISP is located less than 5 miles away, so it's not really an accurate test. When we go to lightnin's server, it'll be much further of course, so I'm interested to know how everyone's connections will handle this.

Thanks and please bear with me as I get the website straightened out. You guys have done a kick ass job on every project so far, and I want the website to (hopefully) reflect that a bit.

1. Sounded ok. Sounds down-sampled....its better than most streaming audio stuff...sounds like you are listening to an on-line radio station or something. It is acceptable for giving out to the public as a 'here is what we do' kinda thing.

2. But of course. It downloaded and auto-opened MusicMatch Jukebox for me. Worked like a champ..and fast too.

3. Is there any way to fill out the other parameters with a stream? Like artist, etc? It would be nice to see that and the real song name instead of "Flight%20of icarus_IMGVersi"

...I have not listened to this on is a while. Did we do a pretty kick-ass job on this song or what? That second solo smoked! :p

Cool! The only way I can tell if it's working ok is with your feedback, so THANKS! :)

Anyway, as far as the artist info, etc goes I can fill in much more info and even paste our IMG logo onto the player. For the test, I didn't bother with it. For the "final" versions I will.

As for the quality, I was hoping that this setting (optimized for 56k modems running at 37k/sec actual speed) would be ok. It made this particular song exactly 1Mb in size, which is pretty manageable. I guess at this sampling rate, it works out to 4:13 of song length for 1Mb of server space. At the next setting up, it's a little less than double (1.97Mb @ 64k/sec). That's why I had hoped this setting would work best to save server space. Also, I figured that the smaller size would allow a 56k modem to play the song in it's entirety without having to pause and rebuffer, which we all know really ruins a song.

One other thought I have had about this (depending on how much server space lightnin is able to provide) is that I could put the songs up on a rotating schedule. Maybe ten at a time, rotated every week or so. That way, all songs will be on there eventually, just not all at once. Maybe a possible solution if server space is tight?

As for the scrambled "code" Jim and Constantine get, I really have no idea why except that maybe you guys don't have the latest version of Windows Media Player, or Direct X Runtime. If you need them, you should find them easily at the Microsoft site. When I create the final "songs" page, I will include a link to these files for anyone who might need them.

Thanks again guys, and maybe I'll post one at the next highest bit rate just to see how it goes. It would sound a little better. I'll keep you posted in this thread, and thanks again for your invaluable help! :D


P.S. I get my new cable modem installed tomorrow! WHOO FRIGGIN' WHOOO!!!!!!! :D
One thought.

While having 10 or so files rotate on a weekly basis may sound like a good idea in concept, unless you write a script to automatically do will never happen. Unless you suddenly find yourself with tons of free time and suddenly have no life. :p
That's true Rabs, and I gave some thought to whether or not I'd really want to upload songs every week or so, but I figure that with the new cable modem, it's not so slow now and I am finally starting to get more time.

Though, with that being said, I really am hoping that it's just not necessary.

Yea Rabs, in fact those posts above were my first use of it. It's absolutely awesome! So much better than the old crappy 56k. I downloaded the "Infinite Dreams" rough mix from the MyPlay account and it did about 5.5 Mb in a little less than two minutes. For the first time, I was able to view the videos on in their entirety, with no skips or stalls. I watched the Running Free video from Live After Death and it played the entire way through, no skips. All 7:50 of it! :D

Let's just say I'm a happy camper! :)

P.S. It was kinda funny, the installers came and couldn't get it to work right. I ended up installing it for them. When they left, I said, "Thank You" and he said back to me, "No, thank-YOU!". Hee Hee :lol:

I always just ask for the hardware..and tell em NOT to send a technician. If they insist..I just tell the guy to give me the hardware when he shows up and I'll do it.

If the guy insists...I just ride his back the whole time and point out everything he is doing wrong. I can't even begin to tell you how many 'technician's' for phone/cable or computer have come out and screwed stuff up.

Cool on the cable modem. Now you have no excuse to download and listen to all the tracks we have done that you have never commented on! :D
Cool Adde! :)

Yea Rabs, Im kinda the same way. I "Mother Henned" the guy the whole time. As it turns out he's the nephew of a guy I work with, so he was cool about letting me do it. I let him go until I could tell he was about to give up, then I took it from there. It was just a simple matter of me being out of available IRQ addresses. Not a problem, I just used the one from the old modem, which I obviously won't be using anymore. He was apologetic and admitted that the cable service doesn't train them well enough.

Oh well, I'm just glad to be able to do things in less than a half hour now! :D

P.S. Yes, you're right. I have no more excuses to not download everything right away. I have been wanting to hear "Infinite Dreams" for awhile now, but hadn't had the time. I was glad to hear it today for the first time, and it was excellent! I hope Constantine and Medsy (I think that was Medsy?) and MM can get it to a finished mix. It'd be a shame to waste a great effort on their part.
I just checked it out. It worked fine for me.:) I think the sound quality was pretty good.
....but at the beginning of the 1st solo was someone still playing an F# while the bass dropped to E....???
Good job guys.

I just listened. I took the 2nd solo so that would mean it would be me and Constantine playing the rhythm under the first solo..and you are right..its sounds like something is off there. I can't believe I never noticed that.

I'll have a listen to the individual tracks tonight. I think its a bit too late to remix..but now I am more interested in knowing if I really screwed up and played the wrong thing..or if something else was the culprit.