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Glam Metal Warrior
Mar 4, 2003
Canberra, Australia
OK here's plenty more stuff I just uploaded - haven't bothered updating the page yet so here are the direct links.
The Blood Duster stuff is from the Sounds Of Ordinary Madness compilation and are around Fisting The Dead era (obviously the live song is more recent and from the Under The Southern Cross compilation). Slug were an awesome Canberra band with some heavy, heavy grooves and awesome vokills courtesy of Mags (Pod People, Precursor) and Ben Green (Three, High Pass Filter, Legends Of Motorsport) – not the most serious but they were a great live band and these songs are from their The All New Adventures Of Slug demo.
Aftermath were an old Sydney death metal band, Crypt were from Queensland and put out 2 cd releases, Obfuscate Mass were from Queensland and had 2 demos I believe, Warpspasm were from Melbourne and members later joined Beanflipper and Magnacite, Nazxul are from Sydney and are still around allegedly – these songs are from the re-release of the Black Seed ep, the Alchemist song is from their 91 demo
There are 2 songs from the different eras of Sydney doomsters Cruciform – Sanctuary is from their Atavism cd with the older lineup and Gutter is from their Paradox demo with the later lineup – sadly Gutter was ripped at a rather shitty low rate as it’s 7 mins long and Geoshitties only allows up to 5 meg so apologies if the sound is crap but it’s a great song
Aftermath – Collection
Obfuscate Mass – Reverse Decomposition
Warpspasm – Hunting Humans
Crypt – Deceased
Alchemist – Imagination Flower
Cruciform – Gutter
Cruciform – Sanctuary
Nazxul – Totem (live)
Blood Duster – Hich Hikers Guide
Blood Duster – Showered With Affection
Blood Duster – It’s A M.A.N.S. World
Blood Duster – Afterbirth Smorgasbord
Blood Duster – S.I.D.S.
Blood Duster – Pornstorestiffi (live)
Slug – Die By The Slug
Slug – Farmer Fuckwit Gets Ripped Off
Slug – Chickenshit Blues
Slug – When The Slugs Go Marching In

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