Backblaze, auto-backup your pc and external hdds online


Mat or Mateo
Jan 20, 2008
Montpellier, France
Hello ! :)

I'm not usually the type to do that, but I have been using Backblaze for almost a full year now, and I discovered there is a referral system, which gives one free month to whoever signs up, and to me, through my link :


Backblaze is awesome, for the cost of 2 coffees per month, it basically transparently backups your data (you can create restrictions of folders or types of files to make it specific) on their servers. There is no restriction, it backups your laptop, hdd, external hdd, even if you have a farm it would back it up as long as the types of files are not excluded (typically system files)

You can add several computers to your account list so I supposed you can backup more than one pc/mac.

Then in case you need it, or just because you are at a friend and would like to watch a movie which you know you have on your hdd, you
- log in on their website
- choose either to retrieve data through a downloadable .zip, a usb key, or hdd (these last two are obviously not free)
- download the .zip from the email they provide you
I actually use it sometimes to get something from my computer when I am away.


It's also anti-thief as you can declare your pc stolen on the website, it will find it to you on a map, give you the current ISP of its location (to give the police) and will list what new files may have been uploaded by the thief if he didn't turn off back blaze or the wifi.

For the price, it's pretty much a perfect backup solution. It's just as slow as your internet upload connection can be also it will never get in the way because it stays in the background and does not alter your browsing experience, so the first time you have to be very patient (it took me 2 months to have my laptop fully uploaded) but if you are patient, it's a safe long term backup plan. You will never ever come here saying "help my hdd crashed how do I retrieve my old project sessions from it ??" because it literally takes a minute to do so. For info they communicated a 900% growth this year and are planning on bigger and faster servers.

There is an iphone app which makes you browse through your backup a bit like dropbox does.

referral link again (get one month free) :

That's all I won't bother you anymore :kickass: