Well yeah I'm mostly a fan of the older metal, I guess :p And I tested Nevermore and wasn't that impressed, sorry.

Btw, John are you back? You wanted to email me, remember :) he problem is, I can't fond your mail adress. I was thinking for the back of the cdcover to use a bandphoto :)

Anyway, if you are still interested in me, drop me a line :)
Chris, I hear death metal too. But I'm new to it. Hope that isn't a problem to you. I mean, I'm very open to all kind of music; except rap, techno and such things, which are not music, in my eyes. But my roots are deep in the 50s, 60s and than the more clearly heavy metal bands.

My top 10 in these days:

1) AC/DC
2) Megadeth
3) Savatage
4) Judas Priest
5) Iron Maiden
6) Arch Enemy
7) Children of Bodom
8) Helloween
9) Monster Magnet
10) Overkill
(11) Accept

There are so many bands out there to check out. Tell me which one and why :)
If you want melodic death metal in the same vein as old In Flames (sorry, but everything after Clayman is pure shit) then check out the band IF practically ripped off (in my opinion). I'm talking about Edge of Sanity, of course. Purgatory Afterglow and *especially* 'Crimson' are brilliant. Crimson is a one song album, which is 40 minutes long, and not one second of it is boring.

And if you want more suggestions, then I'll reccomend Opeth, of course. You probably already know about them.... they're not exactly melodic death metal in the same vein as (old) In Flames or (old) Soilwork...they're more like, progressive melodic death metal...with a very distinct earthly forest-y sound :p

These crazy Swedes are my favorite band for sure...and they are AMAZING in concert.

Check out Blackwater Park, Morningrise (my favorite), Orchid, My Arms...Your Hearse, Still Life and Deliverance. Their newest album, Damnation, is progressive rock..kind of like a darker version of Porcupine Tree.

Hmm, this is my first post in the Vehemence board...I still don't know if there's a backlash against Opeth fans :p

Oh yeah, if you like what you hear of Opeth, check out Novembre too!

And if you want to get into black metal (I know you didn't ask for that, but meh) then check out Emperor and Dissection (black/death) and a relatively unknown Romanian band called Negura Bunget, who incidently, recorded the best album of 2003 so far ('N Crugu Bradului).
I think Opeth is a great band all around, but if you want heavier Melody interwoven into Death Metal or Metal in general, check out bands like:

A Canarous Quintet
Dark Tranquility

and all the ones in my previous post!

Opeth is a great band, definitely one with a lot of diversity. I suggest Blackwater Park and My arms, Your Hearse for good Opeth listening.


Well, they only have 2 albums, but I would recommend you starting with Amorous Anathema, this is my favorite album, of the two. Their other album is called Within. They are both masterpieces in my opinion, so take your pick, and enjoy!

I spoke with Sven (Evergrey, Soilwork) the Keyboardist, at the Soilwork/In Flames show and he signed my Embraced CD's. He was in Embraced as well, awesome guy!