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Mar 7, 2015
Hi gang,

First off, I'm relatively new to UMF, so if this is in the wrong forum, somebody please correct me.


I'm sure this has been discussed a bunch already, but I thought I'd open the floor up to discuss the drums on Beartooth's album, Disgusting. They're definitely not your standard modern metalcore. To my ears, they have a more hardcore punk sound, a little more garage-y, a little muddier, and not as drenched in reverb.

I've been trying to mimic the sound as a way to train my ears to... well, to be able to hear something and know how to reproduce it, basically. One thing I noticed (and often evades me when mixing) is the tom tone. Listening to the intro of the song "Relapsing" () you can really hear the toms. They aren't your standard "suck out all the mids, sharpen the hi's and roll off everything under 75Hz" toms. They're rounder, almost sloppier, but in a way that compliments the overall sound.

But here's the thing: the drummer only has one tom on his kit, a floor. But throughout the album - not much, mind you - you hear a rack tom being hit a little more on the left side of the spectrum. Dead giveaway that the drums were replaced... not just triggered... replaced. I'm wondering what samples were used. It might help me in my quest to mimic this aggressive drum sound.

But those are just my thoughts. Anybody else have any thoughts on Beartooth's drums?