Best Priest album

TRrEiTxIxRiE DTrash

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Apr 14, 2001

This is inspired by me *finally* purchasing it. It is my favourite yet I bought 9 other Priest albums before this. Why? BECAUSE NO SHOPS WANT TO SELL THEIR BEST ALBUM!

Anyway lol, Defenders Of The Faith is 2nd to me, and British Steel close behind in 3rd spot with Screaming For Vengeance close behind that.

The bonus track "Living Bad Dream" on Painkiller is a killer song! Could've been a classic Priest ballad!
Originally posted by The Trooper
You're a champ that's why :D

Looks like I can't post a poll either hahaha. I may have to join you for this beating outside ;)

Ohhhh don't get me excited. I have been on Migraine mediaction as well as Panadine Forte all day so i am feeling rather blissful now. Plus your comments are leading me down the garden path as usual!