Better Know A Band: Arcturus

The mastering of "Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer" is a disaster. It's noticeably quieter and muddier than anything else on the album, and there's an unintentional click at the end that's impossible to ignore. The live version on Shipwrecked in Oslo sounds so much better that it's like listening to a different song.

I just listened to the live version and you are 100% correct. This DVD, which I should already have, has been ordered.
I think a very overlooked song on S.S. is Evacuation Code Deciphered. If it were track 1 or 2, it would have thrown the whole album off. Being in the middle of the cd, it was just right. The whole song is a build up to the end and what an amazing ending it is! Deamon Painter has been my play of the week for S.S. though. I used to listen to this album all day and not get tired of it,lol. -Luke