Biggest & Smallest? And I don't mean yer bits!


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
What're the biggest and smallest gigs you've ever been to?


Biggest - U2, 1993 (I think?), ANZ Stadium on their Zoomerang tour - fucking BRILLIANT show!

Smallest - apart from pub gigs, seeing the Hard Ons at the old Roxy club in Brisbane in 1992 or so.
Biggest - Probably Metallica when they played the Entertainment Center in '93, either that or Def Leppard there too.

Smallest - HA! Dungeon at the Forest Inn, '94! We played to 14 people, most of them other band members and half of them were playing pool and basically giving us the round of apathy we deserved! HAHA! (We were pretty crap back then!) The really funny thing was we all vowed never to play that place again... Man, how wrong can you be?! HAHAHAHA!
Biggest... (are you talking crowd or stage production?) any of the 3 Kiss shows I've seen as far as crowd goes :D :D Stage wise, the 2 farewell shows this year were bigger.

Smallest, hmm.... any of the gigs at Midian that I've seen.
I'm talking in terms of bigness in general :) Stage show, crowd, general ambience (pretentious? moi?!;)).

Although the Popmart tour for U2 was a bigger stageshow, I don't think the crowd was as big as for the Zoo tour. And the feeling definitely wasn't the same, either :)

Pearl Jam out doors in canberra around about '95
My first real concert ... aarrh that strange smell in the mosh pit that smelt like someone was burning insense. What could it have been ;)


Probably some local gigs around my area
hmmmm....Pantera, this year was good and big..but i get the feeling slayer/Machine head end of this month will be huge so me no wanna make a comment yet.....but smallest would be subsyde(local act)and D9(nother local act) and a few others at a local pub:D
Biggest AC/DC here in Canberra this year around 15000 crowd wise.

Smallest some guy in the Front bar of the Post Office Hotel in Bourke my home town.