Black Steel gig (perth)


Wannabe Rock Star
Apr 14, 2001
Friday 27th july
Black Steel's 1st B'day Bash

Black Steel (Power metal: ManowaR , Judas Preist , Hammerfall vein)
Malice Unity (Old school Thrash metal....MetallicA with touches of Allegiance)
Motorstone (Hard rock/metal ...last couple of TallicA albums...)
Eddie would go (punk rock band from melbourne...WEAK!!)

$7 entry
Amplifier bar (perth): behind 'the globe' nightclub Murray st]
Doors open at 8:00

Be there or be talked about...
I don't like being talked about so I spose I'll go... plus Malice Unity are legends!

Although if Harro does the same bass solo that he always does during the BS set then I'm not gonna be held resonsible for my actions. ;)
Why can't Black Steel come to Melbourne! I wanna see them, I've heard one song and I loved it.

And that Malice Unity sounds GREAT from your description! :)
Troops... they are going to Metal for the Brain, so I guess there is a chance they might play in Melbourne while they are on that side of the country... it'd be pretty stupid if they went all that way and didn't if you ask me.
I hope so! *Fingers crossed*

Although if I have the money, I might even be making the trek to Canberra this year to catch Dungeon!