Blending samples in drumagog

Aug 16, 2008
London, UK
Ok, this may be a really newb question.. but with aptrigga I can blend multiple samples EASY, in drumagog I can't find a way to blend 2 samples for example... they always alternate :Smug: ... Any tips? Thank ye!
either duplicate the track and run drumagog on the two tracks seperately with different samples loaded...........or you could run drumagog in series, with different samples on each and have the second one let through some of the signal from the first. That'd be the easiest esp. if you need to blend more than one set of samples.

I'm wondering if running drumagog in series with itself wouldn't actually be useful for getting it trigger better....... hmmm
yeah, you do, unless you blend them yourself before putting them into drumagog ofc

two instances is better for more detailed work IMO as it lets you process each seperately or together, as well as if both are on random with enough samples you'll get a real variety of hits, if thats what you're after
1. import how many ever snare samples you want, each on different tracks.
2. check for phase cancellation issues, etc.
3. export it as a single sample.
4. load the "blended" sample into drumagog.

Digging this thread out of the grave.

Here's my situation. I copied my kick track and put a sample on one track and a different sample on the other. They're both lined up perfectly. However, when I play them back I notice that some of the hits are dead on whereas other hits almost create a flam effect. Settings are the same, however I did make a few adjustments here and there but nothing helped.

It's probably something so stupidly simple but I can't figure it out for the life of me.

Any suggestions?