Bloodstock UK Metalfest - 31st August


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Feb 28, 2002
Scheduled to take place at Derby Assembly Rooms on 31st August 2002 as follows:

14 - 16 bands
2 stages
Metal Market
Doors 12 noon - 11pm
Tickets £25

Bands so far:

Blind Guardian
Balance of Power
Return to the Sabbat
Freedom Call

2nd smaller stage will comprise up and coming UK Metal bands!!
Pff... I'm going anyway, I've only seen Bal Sagoth once live and they RULE DAMMIT!!!

I don't suppose there's gonna be any unsigned underground bands playing is there? Being as there's two stages 'n stuff. Is it worth submitting a CD for an application?

(If you plan on posting again!!!)
Yep, stage 2 will be underground up and coming UK metal bands.

Go to contacts page at and submit anything to me - Vince for consideration I have had @ 50 bands stuff through already!

Cheers and ta for the support for a true UK Metal Festival!!
I went to Bloodstock last year and believe me it was one of the best days out I've had in a long time.
Hadn't heard a lot of the bands but certainly had a few new favourites afterwards.
I will be back this year!


Come on Vince you know you want to!
Nige. :D
Hmmmm. While some of my friends go to Ozzfest, I think it would be worth considering this as an alternative! :D

Have you considered putting DragonForce on the bill?
There's rumours of In Flames, CoB, and Soilwork playing it even REMOTELY possible that these rumours could be true, even a reeeeeeally small tiny chance one of thse bands could make it to the lineup?

Please say yes :D
Doesn't seem likely as Blind Guardian are already confirmed as headliners. Be nice though, could do with a bit more variety, seems to be mainly power metal bands at the moment.

Got to agree with MindMorgue. Last year there seemed to be a bit more variety, Saxon bought in the old metalheads, Skyclad's last performance with with Mr Walkyier bought in others and the reunion of Sabbat yet others. Are Blind Guardian that big in the UK? don't get me wrong I'm still going, last year was a highlite in the metal calander and I hope this years will be as good.
I'd like to see these "Viking" bands play: Thyrfing, Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Mithotyn/Falconer. Of course with Bal-Sagoth on the bill I'm not too concerned with the other bands.
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9 days to go till i see them :D just thought id rub it in, although im sure you'll see them sometime soon anyway.

oh and im not going bloodstock i dont think.

perfect line up for a festival would be:

lacuna coil
the gathering

hmn and a few more i suppose...