Bogus Rendition zine #8


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Feb 7, 2005
Bogus Rendition #8 zine

Over 170 page half-size zine.

Content includes:

-"the Quest for Copper Canyon" (freight trains in Mexico from winter of 'o6)

-"KTM-Oslo, and other stories" (various travels from spring and summer of 2o1o, through Nepal, China, Mongolia, Finland, Norway)

-"Watain interview"

-"John Gossard (Dispirit/ ex: Weakling, Asunder, the Gault) interview"

-"The Legend of Snowy Owl" (a brief history lesson in various RR operations in Southern Maine, combined with bizarre encounters with a fellow who went by Snowy Owl)

- a few album reviews (Walknut, Horna, Barn Owl, Dispirit, Banshee)

-other various weirdness

ordering info and a few other distro items found at: